Cavaliers inquire about Hawks’ Bazemore

Kent Bazemore of the Hawks has been asked about by the Cavaliers, according to a report.

According to a report, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made calls to the Atlanta Hawks in regards to Kent Bazemore.

David Aldridge of reported as part of his Morning Tip column the discussions have taken place.

The Cavs have also asked about Atlanta’s Kent Bazemore, according to league sources. Bazemore is no lockdown wing, but he does give effort, and he is shooting a career-best 37.6 percent this season on 3-pointers. Bazemore has more than $37 million coming to him through 2020 on his current deal, though.

Bazemore, a 6-foot-5, 210-pound swingman, is averaging 12.6 points, 4.3 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 1.8 steals in 28.4 minutes in 45 games, all starts, for Atlanta this season.

The 28-year-old, left-handed seven-year pro out of Old Dominion carries career averages of 8.0 points, 2.9 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.0 steals in 19.8 minutes per game.

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  1. Bazemore and Dedmon for TT, Shump and the Nets pick. Bazemore gives the Cavs the solid SG, especially defensively, that IT needs beside him. Dedmon gives the Cavs a good defensive centre, bigger body and importantly, a scoring and shooting option that TT doesn’t provide. Dedmon has the added benefit of being able to stretch the floor, shooting about 38% from three point territory.
    New starting five –

    PG IT
    SG Bazemore
    SF LeBron
    PF Love
    C Dedmon

    Id then move Frye and Zizic to the Lakers, bring back another Akron boy in Larry Nance JR, Lakers send Julius Randle home to Dallas, and we can bring in Nerlens Noel. With JR dropping back to the second unit with Bazemore joining, Id look at moving Korver and the Miami second round pick we got to Chicago for Justin Holiday.

    All the names I mentioned are pieces that their respective teams want to move, and more importantly for the Cavs, Dedmon, Bazemore, Nance Jr, Noel and Holiday are all rated better defensively than the people they are replacing. Secondly we have added some younger pieces that would allow us to match up better with the more athletic teams we are struggling against right now. I think all these guys would be really good pick ups and apart from Bazemore, are on team friendly contracts. This is my take on what the Cavs should do.

    • Sorry but you are NUTS talking about the Nets pick in the same sentence for Bazemore and Dedmon. Both with help but not worthy of Nets pick. Maybe Cavs pick but not Nets.

      • Atlanta don’t give up Bazemore, nor take the contracts of TT and Shump without the Nets pick. Why would they? You give up the Nets pick to entice them to take the bad contracts of TT and Shump off our hands. Its why giving up the Nets pick for Boogie, or Paul George, who are more than likely not, going to be half season rentals at the most. It simply isn’t worth it. Same as it makes no sense to give up the Nets pick for Deandre Jordan, or Lou Williams. For starters, Lou Williams cant defend, so he is useless next to IT, and Deandre Jordan can opt out at seasons end if he chooses to. If the Cavs aren’t going to trade the Nets pick, they might as well blow the whole thing up now and just start rebuilding the roster.

        • You must be drunk to give up that pick for any of the players you named I don’t care what Atlanta wants no chance in hell.

  2. IMHO, don’t the cavs already have several of him on the team already? What would he do to make a difference?

  3. If they can get Bazemore without giving up any first round pick, then this is a win-win situation and a great deal for the Cavaliers. Maybe shump or Jr, Frye, and a second round pick

  4. Dedmon & Bazemore will not be traded for the Bkn pick. They are both nice pieces but that’s about it. I would make that trade for Frye & TT and a 2nd round pick.

  5. How would having Bazemore improve the team? He wouldn’t.

    • LOL. Bazemore is clearly better on both ends of the floor than JR Smith is. He clearly improves the team.

  6. Can we just trade JR for him straight up? Lol

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