Netflix will require a COVID vaccination certificate in US shootings

Netflix will require a COVID vaccination certificate in US shootings


Netflix A certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 is required from everyone Workers Who are involved in any of its productions United State.

the TV platform Become Hollywood’s first studio who – which This procedure requires, although for now it will only be applied in “Area A” from being shot, which includes the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

the guilds Representation of actors, screenwriters, and other relevant professionals accepted the procedure, Which in turn It will make work easier Because it allows to relax health protocols Despite the concern of expansion delta variable.

Only certain religious, medical, or age reasons will be accepted as exceptions to not being vaccinated.

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established in May The fully vaccinated population of the United States can go without masks Most of the time, even if you are indoors or with a large group of people.

But last week the world of viruses Anthony Fauci They admitted that they are now considering a recommendation to vaccinate these people Wearing masks again, in the face of an increase in infections that lead to the country In the wrong direction.

White House spokeswoman, Jin PsakiOn Monday, it confirmed the intention of the government that chairs Joe Biden It is maintaining the current travel restrictions.

In addition, he noted that the delta variant is spreading in the country and the rest of the world, and in the case of the United States Cause a new wave affecting mainly non-immunized people, which they hope will continue in the coming weeks.

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