Kiko Matamoros and her countless health problem

Kiko Matamoros and her countless health problem

Keiko Matamoros once again frightened his followers Save me By appearing with sunglasses live. The amazing photo of the collaborator aroused the suspicions of the viewers as well as the doubts of his colleagues, who were interested because of these strange clothes on the TV set.

Matamoros himself confirmed that he now has a new health problem affecting his eyes. “I have a bit of conjunctivitis,” said the collaborator, while not hesitating to joke with the rest of the Telecinco: “It’s in the eye that I see too, I see a little already…”

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Although it initially appeared that it was a new cosmetic operation, Matamoros confirmed that it was a minor eye infection. Something that has already happened on other occasions, despite more serious circumstances.

For example last April he also explained in Save me He had an ulcer in one of his eyes. “Yesterday I saw the class [de la docuserie Rocío, contar la verdad para seguir viva] And I woke up this morning like this … I went to the pharmacy and they gave me a cream,” he said then.

Kiko Matamoros, wears sunglasses to treat her eye problems

Kiko Matamoros wears sunglasses to treat her eye problems in April


In the past, it was the first time we learned that Matamoros had vision problems. In 2019, he admitted he had glaucoma, a disease in which he gradually loses sight. “Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with glaucoma,” he said at the time to the surprise of his fellow program members.

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Two years ago he already admitted that “At that time I had forty vision in my right eye and a slightly diminished vision in the left. Today I no longer have vision in the right eye. And in the other I have enough …” It is not surprising that Keiko Matamoros is very careful With the slightest eye injury she had.

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