Netflix will stop working on these TVs – Metro Puerto Rico

Netflix will stop working on these TVs – Metro Puerto Rico

Streaming services Netflix Announced compatibility changes with some TV models.

That means it can no longer be used on some TVs Netflix Through the built-in application.

These changes have been announced on brand televisions Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. According to Sony, several specific models will no longer have access to Netflix. This includes TVs like the BDV-Exxx series and KDL-xxWxxxx, and models like the KDL-40W5100 and KDL-46W5100.

TVs where Netflix stops working

The list is extensive, and owners of these models should look for alternative ways to access their favorite Netflix content. Samsung, for its part, is making changes to Netflix compatibility. If your television Samsung has the letters “C” and “T”. After the screen size in your sample code, you will be affected by these changes. This means that users of these models will need to find other ways to enjoy Netflix or consider upgrading their TV.

Additionally, it is noted that older Toshiba models will also be affected by this compatibility change. For users of Toshiba TVs and other devices that don’t have an AutoPlay option, streaming series and movies on Netflix is ​​no longer possible through the native TV app.

These changes to Netflix compatibility are related to technical and security updates that the platform implements. It’s important for TV owners affected by these restrictions to consider other options, such as using streaming devices (such as Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV) or upgrading their TV to a newer model that supports Netflix.

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