Instagram offers its users up to $ 35,000 to post ‘reels’

Instagram offers its users up to $ 35,000 to post ‘reels’


13 November 2021 04:34 GMT

The network explained that the bonus will continue to be defined as more creators are released, so their payments will fluctuate at this early stage of the project.

While TikTok continues to grow at an astounding pace, Instagram is determined not to let it grow any further than that. The latest strategy of the American operating system is to attract and integrate users Tens of thousands of dollars For those who post ‘reels’ Instagram version of popular TikTok videos.

Through your project Reels Summer Bonus, The company encourages its users to create clips up to 60 seconds in exchange for financial rewards.

However, according to the latest information Report From TechCrunch, the bonus plan rules They are not clear. For example, the influential Maddie Corbyn, who has more than 50,000 followers, was paid up to $ 1,000 a month by Instagram for her reels. She realized that other creators are paid different amounts.

“I saw some people who had more followers than me They only managed to win $ 600“Corbyn said.” I would like to know more about how this works. I think it’s based on the performance of previous reels. “

One user (far less than Carbine) with nearly 24,000 followers on Instagram received a $ 800 offer in October. 1.7 million views On all your reels during the month. This Influencer amassed a total of 1.49 million views and received one payout $ 689.

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Meanwhile, a Username Received an offer from Reddit $ 35,000 for over 58 million views In one month, Miguel Losada, a twitch streamer with about 800 followers on Instagram, received the same offer of $ 8,500 as an influencer with 24,000 followers.

Explained that the bonus is expected as Instagram offers more creators to “check the fees”.Fluctuation“At this early stage of the project.

“Our goal is to personalize the bonus over time,” the company stressed.

For now, Instagram offers you these offers Only For creators in the United States

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