Nevado del Ruiz Volcano: Families do not want to evacuate – Other Cities – Colombia

Nevado del Ruiz Volcano: Families do not want to evacuate – Other Cities – Colombia

Despite constant visits from the authorities and repeated letters demanding eviction from the Caldas families who lived there High risk area in Nevado del Ruiz volcanothis process is not progressing.

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This is given that most familiesThey refuse to leave their homes and their animals. According to information from the mayor’s office of Villamaría, a municipality to which all those registered in the census belong, only One percent voluntarily decided to leave the building.


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“The presence of a large technical and social team to visit each family and through dialogue the situation is shared and the importance of moving their families to a safe area as soon as possible is emphasized, but that was not possible.” They are too afraid to leave the land and their animals. At the moment only one family has decided voluntarily, it has started to evacuate, and on Monday the father and mother finish disembarking “, explained the mayor of Villamaría, Jorge Orbay Marín.

It should be noted that to date, based on the visits made by the Mayor’s Office to date, there is an estimate of 50 families identified for evacuation because they are at high risk.

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The chief also reported that after visits and explanations, many parents allowed Nine minors were transferred to other regions. And these, as stated by the administration, are now in the homes of relatives and friends who are in the municipal capital or in the mountains, but in areas that are not at risk, according to the map that the authorities have built, and on top of which is the geological one. Colombian Service.

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Marín invites these families to reconsider their positions and reminds them that this evacuation is preventive and seeks to avoid a tragedy like the one that happened in Armero (Tolima) in 1985.

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“Remind them that they can move to a family member or friend, and if they do not have this possibility, the municipality will step in to provide the relevant support for temporary relocation or pay the rent subsidy. Together we seek the mechanism, but the important thing is to protect life.”

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