This is the one-day Euroleague rating

This is the one-day Euroleague rating

orNot one day that’s left to end The most exciting regular league in Euroleague history. Although there are already no options for some teams to get into qualifiersit is precisely the quarter-final combination that maintains the red hot classification.

after defeat Barcelona in Milan, Olympiacos And real madrid They share leadership. The Greeks are the first because they won both matches against the whites, so their score is clear, and they will continue like this if they can win against the whites. Baskonia Next Thursday in Piraeus. They won a tiebreaker with the team of Chose Mateu.

Why Madrid leaderOlympiacos must lose and the whites decide their match, also on Thursday, against Maccabi in Tel Aviv. Specifically, the Israeli team is emerging as a potential opponent for the Whites in the playoffs, now it will be. On Thursday, perhaps, we will have a rehearsal for this tie.

The prize for being the first is that once the qualifying drink is over, The competitor in the Final Four is the one who comes out of the tie between the fourth and fifth placesmeaning that the Greeks, if they were first, would avoid it Madrid and Barcelona In a hypothetical semi-final.

This is the Euroleague rating

he Barcelonaafter falling in Milan, It’s already the third. He can’t look higher because he lost the tiebreaker with him Olympiacos and Madrid, nor down, because they beat Monaco. That emirate missed a defeat Barcelona It loses, in turn, at home to Partizan.

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serbs exactly, Maccabee Fenerbahce competes for the fifth, sixth and seventh places with Baskonia lurking

he Vittoriano Team He sees a top-eight position that has held 33 regular league days in jeopardy. visit to Olympiacos And he needs to win one way or another, and if he fails to do so, then he will not do it Zalgiris Bayern Munich Refinery visit.

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