New aggression from China: The Coast Guard expelled two Filipino ships from disputed waters in the South Sea

New aggression from China: The Coast Guard expelled two Filipino ships from disputed waters in the South Sea
New aggression from China: The Coast Guard expelled two Filipino ships from disputed waters in the South Sea. (AP)

the Chinese Coast Guard Expelled this Saturday from three Philippine ships Which entered the waters adjacent to the atoll IONGIN (known as Ren'ai in China), in South Sea.

Coast Guard official spokesman Gan YuIt said in a statement that the Philippines sent two coast guard ships and another supply ship, “causing a deliberate destabilization of peace and stability” in those waters.

According to a spokesman Beijing regimeThe supply ship entered the disputed area despite “multiple warnings” from the Chinese Coast Guard, which intercepted and expelled it “professionally and in accordance with the law.”

In addition, Gan warned that the Asian giant's coast guard remains “on high alert to protect China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.”

This incident comes on the heels of an incident last Thursday, when Beijing denounced that 34 Filipino nationals “illegally disembarked” in… Sandy Kay (known in China as Tiexian), another South Sea island whose sovereignty is disputed China and the Philippinesamong other countries.

Philippine and Chinese ships collide in the latest standoff over an atoll in the South China Sea

The South Sea, which is key to global maritime trade and rich in natural resources, has witnessed numerous clashes between Chinese and Filipino ships in recent months.

There is a struggle between Beijing and Manila over sovereignty over several islands and atolls in these waters, which are almost entirely claimed by Xi Jinping's regime for “historical reasons”, although… Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague In 2016, he ruled in favor of Manila in an award.

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In addition to the Philippines and China. Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan Brunei claims part of this strategic sea, through which 30% of global trade flows pass and which includes 12% of the world's fishing grounds, as well as oil and gas reserves.

This Saturday Chinese Coast Guard Water cannons were fired at a Philippine ship bound for the Ayungin Shoal sandbar for a Rotation and Refit (RoRe) mission, causing “serious damage,” according to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Manila ships entered maritime areas near Ayungin Atoll when they were repelled by Beijing forces. (Europe Press)

“At 06:08 on March 23, 2024, the Chinese Coast Guard Vessel “BN21551” performed a dangerous bow crossing maneuver against the Philippine supply ship Unayzah on May 4. [UM4] While heading to Ayungin Shoal for a rotation and resupply mission for Filipino soldiers stationed at BRP Sierra Madre, the Philippines denounced in a statement.

Earlier this month, four employees at Philippine Navy They were injured after two Chinese ships fired a water cannon at a Manila ship in the West Philippine Sea, which also broke the windshield of the Philippine ship, injuring people on board, according to the newspaper.Inquirer'.

According to the Philippine military, the UM4 supply ship sustained “severe damage” from “continuous fire from water cannons from a Chinese Coast Guard ship” and was unable to continue on its course, requiring the assistance of another ship that was in the area.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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