David Vitelson “hardened” Honduran football in a jeweler's words

David Vitelson “hardened” Honduran football in a jeweler's words

The well-known Mexican commentator, David Feitelson, directed his arrows at the Honduran press, after the Catracha team was eliminated from the Copa America tournament, with a 3-1 loss to Costa Rica.

The Hondurans had strongly criticized Mexican football, after they lost in the quarter-finals of the European Nations League on penalties to the Aztecs, in a controversial duel. There was even talk of a “theft,” and the result was clearly disappointing.

“Costa Rica and Canada complete the qualifiers for the Copa America. In the end, no one is missing. Honduran football has been ignored for too long,” said Feitelson on the social network X (known as Twitter).

The Aztec journalist on several occasions criticized Honduran football not only for negative results, but also for the performance of the team, which was excluded from international competitions, leaving a bad impression in the international press.

After Mexico left Honduras from the League of Nations, the exchange of news through social networks was more clear and did not wait for controversy and harsh expressions.

Feitelson defended the classification of the Aztecs, in front of media outlets such as Diario Deportivo Diez, who did not hesitate to point out that the Mexicans’ victory was misleading and they did not deserve to pass, since Honduras was the best on the field and the referee’s work had a great impact. Impact on the final grade.

Specifically, on Sunday Mexico will play the Nations League final against the United States, at 7:15 p.m., while Honduras was not only excluded from the League of Nations, but also from the Copa America, something that angered the Catrajo. Media.

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