New daughter on the way? Thalia announces the new family member

New daughter on the way?  Thalia announces the new family member

Thalia is without a doubt one of the most beloved and spoiled women in the art world, as she is one of the dazzling characters that has appeared since the 1980s, as her arrival on the scene caused a lot of impact due to her beauty, pregnancy and sensuality. . Which i enjoyed.

What’s more, next She is not a woman who has focused only on one area of ​​art, because even though singing for many years is the thing that has defined her and made her a world artist, acting has also given her great satisfaction and great roles. . Legendary.

One of the images most representative of its history is the image of how a section of society lives, regardless of whether it is melodramas with a romantic tinge. Maria, from the neighborhood., As she had one of the most loved and remembered characters in the entire world of television.

In addition, her music and songs are always food for the soul of many of her followers who always want to listen to her songs and enjoy the performances of the singer, when she is presented since her time in Timbiriche or little she does not remember all the dialogue between she and Diego Shoyning in the song “If not now”.

Introduce a new member to your family

Thalia tells her followers on social media that she has a new family member or rather a new pet that joins the Motola family, where in addition to her husband Tommy, there are also her children Sabrina and Matthew, who have goodness. Quality time.

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The singer showed off her dog, which she baptized as “Francesca,” which joins the family of dogs she already has, made up of Amorcetta Love and Gigi, Plus a parrot named Pikachú, from the Pokemón series. This is how the Thalia family continues to grow.


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