New indefinite contract for science researchers

New indefinite contract for science researchers

The Parliament It gave the go-ahead on Thursday for its report on Science and Innovation Charter, It includes a set of proposals to improve the working conditions of researchers. One of the keys is to create a new method for indefinite contract Applicable to all areas of knowledge, facilitating the reduction of “fragility” in the sector.

The groups agreed that this new legal formulation would provide stability to individuals immersed in already defined lines of investigation because their personal situation would no longer be subject to “the limits of public job offer and no restocking fees,” According to the 54-page document that you can access Medical writing.

The text collected contributions from those who appeared on the Science Subcommittee a month ago March 2021, When this parliamentary space was activated, which has been cited up to six times. The consensus document was advanced thanks to a vote in favor of The Socialist Party, United We Can, Citizensat the same time Popular Party and Fox They abstained from voting.

Besides this new general employment framework, the report also specifically considered a number of initiatives to improve the position of the research staff working in The National Health System (SNS), such as modifying a file The Biomedical Research Act of 2007 To facilitate public administrations to integrate scholars in a “stable” manner.

Representatives also supported a guarantee The act of “recognizing” time By health workers in research contracts associated with health care work upon access to Place selection process. While there was a call to allow her to have a “professional career on the basis of merit” and facilitate Mobility from analysts.

Investment in R + D + i will reach 1.25% of GDP

The report on the Science Pact has also helped embody some of the more ambitious public goals, such as the desire for public investment in research, development and innovation even 1.25% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country from now to year 2030, Which would practically double the current funding, which is 0.59 per cent. Representatives have chosen to amend the Science Act to include this new goal that has been set since European Commission.

“This is the minimum target widely agreed upon by all economic, social and political actors, and it also converges in the distribution of investment in research, development and innovation between the public and private sectors,” the report reads.

Parliamentary blocs also made another series of commitments, such as creating a Itinerary of a new post-doctoral scientific journey With a contract of up to six years in universities. In the third year, the possibility of obtaining a certificate that will facilitate Consolidation of permanent positions In both public organizations and academic centers.

The compensation In Postdoctoral Decades, the Equivalency of Rightsl technical staffmeasures to enhance talent, reduce workload or enhance measures to Achieving effective equality Among men and women are other ideas that have been put forward in Congress.

The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has shown it Research, development and innovation are essential to be able to successfully respond to future challenges and predict the possible consequences of climate change or those resulting from natural disasters,” they noted in the report.

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