New Most-Watched TV Series Among Young People

New Most-Watched TV Series Among Young People

New Most-Watched TV Series Among Young People

Description: It is not a secret that young people like TV series and believe it is one of the best pastimes that help hang out in the company of friends and pizza.


If you ask adults whether they would like to get back to high school or college, the chances are high that most of them will reject such an idea. Youth is a wonderful period of life when you don’t have to worry about the big world’s issues. However, most young people face various challenges and experience a whole range of emotions they don’t know how to cope with. Therefore, they wall themselves off from the world and arrange TV series marathons. Such a pastime allows them to forget about problems at least for a while.

Besides, they often become a great ice breaker when it comes to communicating with new people. Nonetheless, some students overdo it with their love for movies and TV series when they check myassignmenthelp review to hire an expert and free up their schedules to enjoy cinematography. The latter offers many options for everyone’s liking, so if you don’t like “high school-centric” TV series, you can watch many other cool shows. Thus, if you are looking for something to kill your time or distract yourself from all the issues, pay attention to the following top-rated variants.

Umbrella Academy

If you are fond of superheroes and their incredible abilities to get into trouble, pay attention to this TV series. You will get familiar with teenagers who can boast of special features. For example, one heroine can turn rumors into reality while another hero can talk to ghosts. When their adopted father passes away, they decide to team up and help humankind survive. They travel in time and do their best to cope with the forthcoming Apocalypse. The comic book of the Dark Horse Comics publisher house has become a foundation of this TV show. Besides the interesting plot, many people like it for cool rock soundtracks performed by The Doors, The Kinks and Queen, and plenty of action scenes created in the Tarantino style.

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The Queen’s Gambit

This TV show has become a screen adaptation of the self-titled book written by Walter Tevis about 38 years ago. The plot tells a story of an orphan, Beth Harmon, who turns out to be a gifted chess player. Young people adore such stories since each of them believes that they are also special in a way. Thus, such storylines are pretty inspiring. They say that many people decided to learn how to play chess after the TV series release. The main heroine faces various challenges on the way to success. And while an average student is interested in questions like, “Where can I check customwritings review?” to find a reliable writing service, Beth is obsessed only with chess and doesn’t care about normal studying. Such an attitude looks great on the screen, but the reality turns out to be different.

Emily in Paris

Many people compare it with Sex in the City thanks to its light atmosphere and fashionable outfits. Girls adore such TV series since they evoke a romantic mood and positive vibes. Besides, this TV show has borrowed many things from the famous forerunner from a technical viewpoint. Thus, the main hero wears outstanding looks, likes to chill at parties, is open to new romances, and has a creative job. Many teens dream of such a lifestyle, so it is not surprising, they like this TV show so much.

Blood and Water

Well, if you are looking for a TV series full of thrill, pay attention to this option. The main character is a high school student who cannot live with the fact that her elder sister has disappeared. Thus, she decides to reveal a family secret and find out the truth. However, the more she goes deep down the issue, the more her personal life deteriorates, so she starts doubting whether she needs this truth at all. It seems the TV show appeals to young people thanks to its gloomy mood and unexpected plot turns.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

People have shown interest in everything unusual and mystical for a while already, so it is not news they like TV series full of various nonstandard things. One of the most adorable moments of this variant is that it shows the life of a teenager. In other words, she is a representative of the Z generation, so young people are on the same page with her. Moreover, she is a half-witch and half-human, so she cannot define that easily who she is more. An average teen struggles with their identity too, even when they don’t have supernatural abilities.

Outer Banks

It resembles a classic story when a man from a low social stratum falls in love with a rich girl, and she reciprocates. Don’t rush to get upset, believing that it is another soap opera about school bullying and athletes. It is a detective TV show that has been created specifically for young people. Thus, the main characters come across a real treasure map and go to get their share. And since the storyline takes place in North Carolina, famous for its hurricanes, the heroes have to do without modern technologies. The TV series may not appeal to everyone due to its psychologically uncomfortable scenes.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

On the one hand, this TV show’s plot cannot be called fresh and new since there were at least several movies and TV series where you could see people whose life changed because of a brain tumor. On the other hand, if you like musicals, you can give it a try. Thus, the main character, Zoe, literally lives in a musical since she has got the superpower to hear other people’s thoughts in the form of a dance number. It helps her climb a career ladder since it is not a big deal anymore to please bosses, but she would like not to know what her friends and relatives think about her. In general, this positive and interesting TV series can become a great remedy for a hard day in college.

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Sex Education

This TV show has become popular both among young people and older generations, so both groups look forward to enjoying a new season. It reveals many aspects of a teen’s life, showing the huge pressure young people experience daily. Thus, they have to deal with numerous assignments, stay responsible and understanding. Almost every adult person faced complexes, psychological discomfort, etc., in high school or college because of a lack of knowledge in themes connected with sex and personal hygiene. The TV show tells a story about a teen version of Freud who tries to help others with bits of advice, even though he has a wide range of complexes and issues.





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