New prices will be applied to the fuels used by the self-employed “Cuba” Granma

New prices will be applied to the fuels used by the self-employed “Cuba” Granma
Fuel can be purchased using magnetic cards by Transport Operating License holders. Photo: Ariel Cecilio Lemos

Starting at 00:00 this day. February, new prices will be applied, in Cuban pesos, for self-employed fuel, which respond to the currency and exchange reorganization taking place in Cuba.

According to the information from the official website at CIMEX Facebook Inc.Resolution No. 425 of 2020, issued by the Ministry of Finance and Prices, in a unique special provision, stipulating the application of fuel prices in force in 2020, on self-employed workers who provide a service for transporting goods, for travelers in the status of “normal service”, or both services Through the use of magnetic cards.

Photo: Taken from the CIMEX Facebook page

From now on, under the Cabinet Agreement 5987 of 2020, they will be subject to the provisions of the Ministry of Finance and Prices Resolution No. 350 of 2020 regarding wholesale fuel prices.

Fuel can be purchased with the use of magnetic cards by LOT holders. According to the indications of the National Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, those who use domain cards enabled by Fincimex SA to purchase fuel in the network of service centers, must have sufficient cash liquidity deposited in their financial bank accounts that allows them to carry out the payment of the authorized fuel for their consumption to the said bank, before the end of January 2021. In this way, they will be able to ensure continuity of service provision in February 2021.

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