USA | US and Canada – Donald Trump has appointed new lawyers to face international charges

USA |  US and Canada – Donald Trump has appointed new lawyers to face international charges

Former US President Donald Trump announced Sunday that he will appoint two new lawyers to head his defense During his historic second indictment.

Trump’s announcement comes a day later The U.S. media reported that many of their lawyers had left their legal team, Almost a week after the Senate hearing began.

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In a statement, the Republican millionaire said so “Most Respected Investigation Lawyers” by David Shawn and Bruce L. Custer, Jr. will lead his legal team.

Caster has spent his entire life focusing on criminal law, while Shawn specializes in “civil rights litigation in Alabama and federal criminal defense in New York, white collar and other complex cases.”

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Trump stepped down on January 20. The House of Representatives accused him of inciting a mob of his supporters to attack the Congress building In an attempt to prevent Democrat Joe Biden from formalizing his election defeat.

This process is twice as historical This is the second time Trump has been indictedThis is the first time a US president has been tried since leaving the White House in February 2020.

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Sean already worked with the defense, and he and Castor “agree that this charge is unconstitutional.”The report said.

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On Saturday, citing CNN anonymous sources, he said five lawyers, including two who allegedly led the millionaire Republican legal committee, left him due to differences in his legal strategy.

Trump wanted prosecutors to pursue unsubstantiated allegations of massive voter fraud Instead of contesting a legitimate contest to punish a president after he leaves office, CNN said the former president “did not agree” to discuss it.

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Trump faces a charge of “inciting insurgency,” beginning Feb. 9.

But after five Republicans merged with five Democrats this week, the trial was given the green light. It was clear that adding 17 Republican votes to the two-thirds required for a sentence was almost impossible.


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