These are the stores of the future that Wal-Mart is expanding in the United States

These are the stores of the future that Wal-Mart is expanding in the United States

The news about Walmart stores of the future has recently become a trend in the United States. The fact is that this popular North American chain has already opened three such stores in the country, one of which is located in Florida.

It is about modernizing warehouses from a series of technological aspects to improve their services. In this sense, the Wal-Mart store in Tallahassee, which is located in Lyon County, Florida, was expecting to reopen, joining the “stores of the future.”

In other words, customers in the region will be able to enjoy important changes in their consumption habits within this new store.

But this is not an entirely new idea. With an investment of $130 million, Wal-Mart has announced its expansion plans for the new venture since last November.

As a result of this budget, the company’s plans revolved around establishing stores of the future in 28 of its branches.

In fact, in the past few years, Wal-Mart has really gone through some changes. Just to name a few is product delivery by drone or membership with Walmart+. He also highlighted the integration of artificial intelligence into his online store.

What are the peculiarities of stores of the future?

A total of $6 million cost the first store of the future in Washington, which launches in 2022. Additionally, in Beavercreek, Ohio, another store received a massive renovation that added 63,000 square feet.

But now, the new, reconfigured warehouse will contain all the accessories Walmart wants to define the “stores of the future.”

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It is located at 4021 Lagniappe Way and among its new gadgets are the bedroom, gardening and clothing displays with QR codes. This is so customers can scan from their cell phones and be taken directly to the products on

It also has digital signage to identify departments of the store and new features for pickup, delivery and checkout.

In addition, it has 26 self-propelled lanes, far more than the previous six lanes. They also have “Grab N Go” refrigerators which are products that are shipped as they are taken from there; Something similar to Just Walk Out on Amazon.

Likewise, he owns a dollar store, with items under $1, new lights, and relocated departments.

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