Complimentary cabin crew and passengers who brought Sputnik

Complimentary cabin crew and passengers who brought Sputnik


Crew and passengers traveling on a private plane, where 1,155 vials of vaccines were discovered in Mexico Sputnik f From Russia This is a bug I came up with Honduras Released.

This was the decision of the Mexican authorities, despite the fact that it could be the first case of illegal trade in Vaccines A fake was detected in the area.

The accident occurred at Alberto Acuña Ongai International Airport in Campeche, Mexico.

Members of the General Administration of Customs and members of the Mexican Army discovered these jars hidden in conventional coolers.


So far, there is no special marketing of antiviral vaccines, but pharmaceutical companies are sticking with them towards the World Health Organization or governments.

The equivalent of 5,775 doses has been hidden under a soda pop and candy, and is unsuitable for transporting a biological product.

The bottles were confiscated to analyze the material inside and the Cessna private plane, with the 414A 0024 series and registration of HR-AYI, as a tax guarantee, which was intended for Ramon Vileda Morales International Airport From La Lima, Curtis.

The plane in which the hidden tractor was rented was known before Cream group From San Pedro Sula. In her country the company executives and doctors traveled.

The seven people were also asked to be investigated Public Prosecution The Federation, attached to the delegation of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Mexico.

the decision

However, yesterday afternoon he learned that the persons had been released.

The alleged vaccines were stored at the Campeche Immunization Center, where they will be analyzed.

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The Russia Direct Investment Fund The (RDIF) confirmed that the seized vaccines were fake.

“The Campeche authorities, in this case, the Prosecutor’s Office, have been very tight on the case, and we are awaiting the official statement from them,” said Gerardo Simon, Ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Honduras In Mexico.

For its part, it was known that Public Prosecution From Honduras The decision of the Mexican Attorney General’s office in this case is awaiting to determine whether the investigation of these persons is appropriate, since the crime was not committed in the territory.

The Russian vaccine, which was already licensed by about 50 countries around the world, was initially received with skepticism from abroad RussiaBut its effectiveness was confirmed by the scientific journal The Lancet in February.

On March 4, the Honduran government signed an agreement with Russia To purchase 4.2 million doses of Facuna Sputnik F., But the lot has not been delivered.

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