Essential and healthy in parentheses – xabiaaldia – xabieros newspaper with concerns

Essential and healthy in parentheses – xabiaaldia – xabieros newspaper with concerns
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Written by Louisina Davis. Amadem Psychology

At Christmas, you come to a point to rest, stop, breathe, and be able to connect and enjoy other moments, other places, and other times. This is ending a difficult and complex year, in which you keep hearing the word COVID, pandemic, viruses, vaccines, etc… a year in which we have had to continue to use all the tools of adaptation, resilience and resolution in order to be able to keep running. This is why rest, shifting responsibilities and schedules for other chores that are fun, fun, and calm are necessary.

In Amadem, we have worked hard this year, our people deserve great appreciation, because in the face of difficult emotional, emotional, mental and behavioral problems; They strive to be within this system by following all recommendations, guidelines and measures so that everything runs smoothly. The Board of Directors has demonstrated its commitment, with beliefs and values, to working towards stronger mental health and better service. The public administration (some of them) accompanied and supported the NGO to improve resources, care and improve the quality of life for its citizens. Finally, private companies. Those powerful groups who, in excess of the amount, with their contributions, made the association largely possible.

Thank you to all the supportive, empathetic and sensitive people who believe that things can be done better and that changing the course of what is being created is possible. Thanks to that, we have achieved many goals.

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From January 23rd to 7th we will be enjoying our day in a different way, but always prioritizing our mental health. We will exercise, we will sleep well, we will passionately share time, we will go without too much rush, we will laugh a lot, and if some negative emotion overwhelms us, we will feel it, we will accept it and nothing will happen. It is happening. Everything is necessary and part of the process. The important thing is good management of how we feel and if something escapes, we should ask for help.

Remembers! Take care of yourself and take care of yourself. want and love yourself.

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