ngela Aguilar Hairstyle is elegant for women with long hair

ngela Aguilar Hairstyle is elegant for women with long hair

The famous Singer Angela Aguilar At a young age, she has already conquered millions of followers with her gorgeous beauty and style. Well, unlike many celebrities of her age or younger, Angela Aguilar has chosen a classic, elegant but at the same time youthful style, being an inspiration to women of all ages, as well as having an amazing talent.

this time, Angela Aguilar It’s amazing how she wears a simple yet elegant hairstyle. In the case of a low-key ponytail with a half-part, this hairstyle allows you to frame the face as well as make your features more subtle, while wearing somewhat natural makeup.

As we clearly know the young singer and daughter of the artist Baby Aguilar She does wear extensions, but this gives us an idea of ​​what she would look like with long hair, thus proving that she has natural beauty. Show off a nice tan in the sun, plus a little bit of makeup that brings out her best features with just a few filters.

And although Angela Aguilar has long distinguished herself by wearing a short bob, in her latest releases She sported long hair in the Kylie Jenner style To everyone’s surprise, the singer showed that long hair also suits her nicely, especially because she dares to experiment with fashion more as she progresses.

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As for the followers of the Aguilar dynasty singer, they know that the young singer Angela Aguilar has great inspiration in both fashion and music, in the case of elegant women like her grandmother Maria Felix. Wildflower Other iconic women from the golden age of Mexican cinema, where a large part of their heritage resides in the art of their families.

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Ángela Aguilar looks unknown for her long hair

In recent months, Angelar has had to go through several difficult and important moments in her life, because the famous actress and singer Fleur Sylvester called her grandmother, while on the other hand she released a new song that became a musical success. Next to the singer Christian Nodal, Many are expecting new material from Angela Aguilar.

However, the singer recently revealed through her social networks that she will present a new song on February 11 with the slogan Burning Heart, so she gives us the idea that it might be a love song, because we are a few days away from the day of love and friendship, so the occasion is appropriate for the occasion.

So due to the release of new articles, followers Angela Aguilar They realized that their change had a lot to do with this new version. Well despite wearing short hair most of the time, in recent photos, Singer She was seen with longer hair, so I took the opportunity to show off new clothes, as well as a more mature style over the course of 17 years.

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