Nicaragua alert: Telica volcano records volcanic activity

Nicaragua alert: Telica volcano records volcanic activity

Managua, Nicaragua.

The Telica volcano, located in the northwest of Nicaragua, recorded eruptive activity on Wednesday, and at the same time a landslide affected three neighboring communities, without causing casualties, it was reported. National Prevention SystemAnd Disaster Mitigation and Attention (Cinapride).

The collapse occurred inside the crater of Telica volcano, with a height of 1061 meters, at 05.25 local time (11.25 GMT), after which volcanic activity occurred, according to official information.

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according to him cinnaprid, The eruptions of the volcano occurred when the giant removed debris from the landslide clogging the crater.

The Nicaraguan authorities calculated that the ash plume rose about 250 meters above the crater of Telica.

Ash and volcanic material fell mainly into the communities cold waterAnd Las Marias, And San Pedro Nueva But there were no human emotions, according to information released by Cinnaprid, via The government of Nicaragua.

The volcanic activity did not show changes in the “real-time seismic amplitude” (RSAM) data, which authorities did not anticipate an imminent large eruption.

El Telica, located 112 northwest Managua, one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua, whose western region is part of the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire”, the most active geological region on Earth, which includes dozens of countries in America and Asia.

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This volcano is located in “Volcanic mountain range” Nicaragua, which has at least ten active craters and dozens of conical formations related to local volcanic activity.

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Last December, Telica 775 experienced an eruption within four days, with a column of gases rising 457 meters above the crater. Just two months ago, I recorded a similar event, which caused volcanic material to rise to a height of up to 1,000 metres.

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