Nicaragua sets “visa free” for Cubans

Nicaragua sets “visa free” for Cubans

The Government Nicaragua Established on Monday “Free visa For all Cuban citizens who wish to enter “that countryAnd Reported by the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Interior. for this part, Embassy United State In Guyana, alert Cubans that there is no cost to expedite the visa appointment.

The Government of Nicaragua said that its decision responds to “Number of applications from siblings of Cuban citizens who have relatives in Nicaragua” and has In order to promote trade, tourism and human family relations“.

The The free visa for Cubans wishing to travel to Nicaragua has been established “as of Monday, November 22, 2021”.The Ministry of the Interior said in a brief statement.

official note He did not give more details about The process of traveling to Nicaragua, such as proof COVID-19 Negative with a maximum validity of three days, or pre-examination seven days beforeSpain’s EFE agency said.

With this decision, Cubans will no longer have to pay the equivalent of $17.85 for an advisory visa issued by the Nicaraguan diplomatic representation on the island.The term is 30 days, extendable to 90 days. Canceling a visa to Cuba means that Cubans also will not need to explain the reason for the trip in order to obtain permission to travel to Nicaragua.The source added.

According to the Nicaraguan newspaper, the pressAnd Since 2019, the system . has started Daniel Ortega Making Nicaragua’s travel requirements more flexible for Cubans. The Central American country at the time was a shopping destination for thousands of Cubans who later resold their goods on the island.

In 2019, 44,829 Cubans visited Nicaragua and in 2020 only 17,049, Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Reported by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism.

governments Nicaragua and Cuba They are political and ideological allies. Both are considered totalitarian regimes, along with Venezuela, in the report “State of Democracy in the World 2021”From the Institute for Democracy and Elections (International IDEA)

US warns Cubans: “There is no cost to speeding up!”

for this part, US Embassy in Guyana Cuban applicants are advised to “believe the people who want to take your money to speed up the visa appointment. You can do it yourself and They don’t have to pay a penny!

The Cubans can communicate directly with National Visa Center (NVC) to Ask if the embassy can speed up your immigrant visa appointments.

“Do not forget It must have a compelling reason, such as a medical emergency to consider. If your case is already in Guyana, please email your request to: [email protected] to remember: There is no cost to expedite an appointment!, concluded the statement in Facebook social networking site.

Lesgri Sobrino said she has been separated from her husband for six years. “My children, who are now teenagers, were without their parents’ support. We made two acceleration (Expedited visas) and did not agree to it. My husband wrote a letter to the governor of Tampa asking for help and nothing was resolved. The case has been closed since October 2019 and my priority date was May 2019. I will do other work acceleration. If I am not approved, I will have no choice but to go to another country.”

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Yaite Moy Sua has been five “long years” from her husband. “He’s not by his four- and six-year-old’s side to watch them grow up. And all this delay in interviews only affects love directly. It’s so painful to feel lonely,” he said.

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