Nine Dominicans are vying for the Latin Grammy this Thursday

Nine Dominicans are vying for the Latin Grammy this Thursday

Nine Dominicans are vying today for one of the Latin Grammys offered by the Latin Recording Academy in Las Vegas, USA.

Juan Luis Guerrero tops the list with seven nominations. They are followed by Rita Indiana, Manny Cruz, Luis Segra, Fernando Villalona, ​​Covey Quintana, Sergio Vargas, Alcover and Alexandra.

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He recorded this year with Ricardo Montener for the song “Dios Tus Lo Lo” and Juan Lewis competes with that theme in “Best Tropical Song” and “Bumpiche de Novia”.

Likewise, he is expecting an award for Best Traditional Pop Album with this year’s album and “Prive”, Best Arrangements for “Ojalá que llueva café” (Privé version) and Best Long Edition Music Video for “Entre mar y palmeras”.

Best Merengue and / or Pachatta Album in the Category: Alexandra Competes with “Pachatta Queen”; Mani Cruz, “Love Dance Merengue”; Louis Segura, “Father of Pachatta, His Legacy (Lord I, II, III, IV)”; Sergio Vargas, “Is this merengue, is there a problem?”, And Fernando Villalona “crazy.”

Dominican singer Rita Indiana competes in the Best New Artist category.

In the Best Singer-Songwriter Album category, Dominican Covey Quintana competes with his album “I Will Write Another Song for You Tomorrow” by Alemore, “Aleurology”; Alex Cuba, “Mendo”; Mon Laferte, “Six” and Rozalén, “The tree and the forest.”

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Urban Dominican Alcover is another of the nominees. Although he has been nominated five times as a producer, this is the first time he has competed as an artist in the Best Urban Merger / Performance category for the song “El Amore s Una Mota” with Puerto Rican recording Don Omar and the Spanish singer. Juan Magan.

Latin Grammys return to the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas after being held in Miami without spectators last year due to an epidemic.

The gala will be broadcast live on Univision Shortly after being called the premiere of the Latin Grammy, an event aired online, in which most of the statues were handed over.

+ Gala

Juan Louis Guerrero is one of the leading singers at the 22nd annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Pedro Capó, Farina, Giulia Be, Gloria Estefany Diego Torres will also perform.

Gloria Estefan – Anitta, along with Carlinhos Brown, Pedro Capó, Farina, Giulia Be and Diego Torres – will begin their most important night in Latin music with a wonderful performance of three songs, “Abriendo Puertas” and “When there is love”. ”And“ Magalenha ”.

Joining already announced artists: Ruben Albran, Cristina Aguilera, Omar Apollo, Paula Arenas, Dessemer Funo, Bad Bunny, Banda El Recoto de Cruz Lizarro, Becky G, Ruben Plates, c. Tongana, Caliber, 50, Diocolo, Antoniocolo del Morav, Meme del Real, Julio Reyes Copello, DJ. Nelson, Jorge Trexler, Alejandro Fernandez, Israel Fernandes, Sergio Jorge, Gente de Sona, Grubo Firm & Juan,

Likewise, La Auroralo by Renே Camacho, La Hungara, Mon Laferde, Natalia Loforgate, Los Dos Colonels, Mana, Nicki Nicole, Nella, Hosuna, Donna Pavla, Nathi Beluso, Gloria Trevi, Mike Towers, Yodu Wheel.

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In addition, Angela Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar, Maria Pescara, Matteo Bocelli, Livia Brito, Elodio Carreyon, Sofia Carson, Sylvestre Dongont, Kimberly Dose Ramos, Emmanuel, Jose Fowla, Evoluna Montoner, Ricardo, Ricardo Bella Thorne and Millie Cusada will be the presenters.

The show, which airs under the theme “Rediscovering Life through Music”, will invite viewers to rediscover the highlights of life with a musical experience.

Featuring unique collaborations and cohesive Latin Grammy moments, the festival promises to be an exceptional celebration of musical excellence with inspiring stories.

The gala will be hosted by Ana Brenda Contreras, Carlos Rivera and Roslyn Sanchez, and will be broadcast live on Univision at 8pm East / Pacific (7pm).

It will also be broadcast tonight at 7:00 (MEX) / 8:00 pm (PAN-COL) / 9:00 pm (VEN) / 10:00 pm (ARG / CHI) and on the TNT cable channel on Television Channel 5. .

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