Ninel Conde reveals her acting figure and perfect tan with a fiery blue bikini

Ninel Conde reveals her acting figure and perfect tan with a fiery blue bikini

Although love does not smile at him and has had bitter moments with almost all of his emotional partners, Ninel Count She continues to show that beauty is one of her greatest allies, so she does not hesitate to brag to her fans on social networks that she has one of the best bodies on the show, as she showed off this weekend with a sensual photo that caught the eye of thousands.

On this occasion, the Mexican artist and actress published a photo of her posing under the sun with A fiery blue bikini that showed off her distinctive belly amazingly And her little waist because she’s a little cool.

“This is a reminder to put on your bathing suit and go out and take vitamin D, because Life is better under this little sun. Remember that taking a break is good, too. I love you! “He wrote at the bottom of the sensational post that his fans liked and admired, because in a few hours they qualified him with a red heart and sent him a barrage of interesting comments.

But that wasn’t all in recent days, because to show that she’s a lover of sea, sand, and sun, “El Pompon Asicino” showed off her tan skin and sculpting anatomy while posing from a rocky area facing the Miami Sea, Florida.

On that occasion, she appeared in a tiny red two-piece swimsuit, which she fell in love with with more than 22,000 fans who showed off her curvaceous figure, all while sharing a self-love message that reminded her of the month that lovers are celebrated.

I decided to celebrate love for myselfFor what God has allowed me to achieve so far and for the future that awaits me. This month and the next. We can do everything if we have faith, that’s a reminder! We are capable of achieving incredible things if we believe in ourselves And we judged the famous woman who decided to focus on her career and a new stage as a businesswoman, for which she was criticized. I recommend your range of products to lose weight in minors.

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