Phil Foden’s mother was defeated after City’s defeat to Tottenham

Phil Foden’s mother was defeated after City’s defeat to Tottenham

Manchester, England /

A Extraordinary fact Would have taken place in England And after that Manchester City lost 2-3 to TottenhamA Frenetic success To do Mother of Bill FottenCitizens’ English player, where the video went viral, sparking outrage.

City of Manchester The rest President of the Premier League With 63 units, Only after it fell Liverpool top 6 points. Failure does not seem to bring happiness Fans And because of that They confronted Bill Foton At the end of the match.

What happened between the fans and Foton’s mother?

One step Video It haunts social networks, Bill Foten He was with Two women in the AO arena in Manchester, Those who are supposed to be yours Mother, Claire FotonAnd his Partner, Rebecca Cook.

Being in one SidewalksA group Fans face English And he answered them, however Do not cling to them; Enters a door, his girlfriend tells them things, and then she looks at him Momwho He loses control and pushes one of them.

East The man responds And drops a Phil Foden’s mother stabbed in the face, So those who were with them, presumably the stage guards, face the fans. Claire comes back and pushes them, Except as desired Beat them in the face, And behind The Manchester City player joined To fight.

His Mom You Go to the photon and shout out, When everyone is ‘on the ball’ and watching the feet kick out. In the end, it is The crowd of fans was controlled and evacuated from there; The woman’s condition is unknown.

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East Video It is assumed that it was Recorded East Saturday, February 19thHrs Then That him Manchester City fell to TottenhamBut for now there is no absolute certainty that this is the case.


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