Noé, the Boy Seeking Answers in Space – El Sol de Hermosillo

Noé, the Boy Seeking Answers in Space – El Sol de Hermosillo

Children’s curiosity has no limits, they are small discoverers of the world who fill their minds at every stage with doubts and multiple impressions about life and existence.

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However, for Noé Delgado Meléndrez, questions about the universe, black holes, and human anatomy are among his priorities. So much so, that he developed his abilities to satisfy his fears.

At only five years old, he has already mastered both English and Chinese, as well as the ability to read stories fluently in both languages ​​in addition to Spanish.

The perfect job

Noé dreams of developing the profession of a doctor, so he started with a passion for human anatomy and currently he already knows body parts and organs by heart and ensures that the intention to know the body is the ability to heal people.

On the other hand, he also wants to work as an astronaut to learn more about black holes and learn about the planets that he has read and watched in documentaries on the Internet.

And why do falling stars explode in the universe and turn into a black hole in the universe? What if we were dragged in a spacecraft? They are part of the thousands of questions haunting Noah’s head.

There is no doubt that the four-year-old will not stop until he gets all the answers to the complexity of space and man, and paints for him a future full of great knowledge that his aunts, grandparents and parents may be proud of.

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Families are preparing another children’s day at home

Although the epidemic continues, parents will not let the day pass by without celebrating the little ones at home, so they are preparing children’s day celebrations in their homes.

From cupcakes, buying ready-to-eat food, to organizing meals at home, it’s the way adults make preparations to spice up one of the most anticipated dates for the “little ones” of the home.

Yobana Quezada López, a resident of Puertas del Rey, said he will place the pot on Thursdays with barbecue and “beans” as well as cold soup for a special reason.

Citizen Hermosillo said: “The children have already chosen the menu and so that the Children’s Day does not go unnoticed, I will cook this for them in addition to their” cake “.

Meanwhile, other people like Melissa Rivera, who lives in Fuentes del Mezquital, said she would put pinata, as well as cakes, sweets and hamburgers, to make her daughters have a good time.

He said, “Yes, here at home, we used to do something nice for them and pamper them that day, it cannot be absent, because of the epidemic we cannot eliminate them, but at home we can also do something nice.” .

Decline in sales

Despite the fact that orders for Friday were regular at pastries, merchant sales were not as good.

For Anna Maria Gutierrez, who has a stationery store in the Balderrama neighborhood, she said that there is a good income every year, because there is a school nearby, and mothers of families, after leaving their children on campus, come to the place to wrap their gifts.

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However, they nonetheless add up to two years of sales losses, making the economic situation difficult for them.

The truth is that according to the economic potential, the appreciation and love for the young children who fill the homes in Hermosillo with life, will have little to no detail so as not to let history go by.

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