Nstor Bogado: Los Topos with DT from Entre Ríos:: Provincial Viewpoint:: Santa Fe News

Nstor Bogado: Los Topos with DT from Entre Ríos:: Provincial Viewpoint:: Santa Fe News
Nestor Bogado – on the national basketball court popularly known as Picchu – received and accepted one of the most important proposals in his long career as a head coach. The leaders of the Argentine Silent Basketball Federation (FABS) have confirmed the appointment of a new coach for Los Tobos and he will lead the team in the World Cup in Greece – on the island of Crete – which will be held from 10 to 24 June. Public.

The man from Paraná replaces Ariel Britos, who was the coach of the team that won second place in the 2022 Pan American Championships held at the National Center for High Performance Sports (CeNARD), in Buenos Aires. In this way, Los Tobos won the right to play in the World Cup alongside Venezuela – the champions of the tournament – and the United States leaving the third place and the final spot reserved for America.

Nestor Bogado with Claudio Behar, Auditor and Adrian Reynoso, President of FABS.

Regarding the sudden suggestion, Bogado said: “I have always belonged to the so-called official basketball and I was familiar with Los Tobos in the same way everyone in football associates them with the Murciélagos team. I didn’t know clearly what the organizational issue was. Whether they were included in Paralympics or not.They have another federation which is a silent air conditioning sport.The Argentine Silent Basketball Federation has been operating for several years and has been part of national and international tournaments.After Pan American it was decided to change the entire coaching staff and I did several interviews.A friend introduced me to the project, asked me “I asked if I was interested in him, and I was tempted that they were seeded for the World Cup. I received the offer without knowing what it was about. I absorbed myself and met the leaders of the federation. Thank God I was chosen as the head coach.”

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Communication with mentors is important to get to know them and convey the message and way of working. In this regard, Picchu Bogado emphasized: “For teachers, all different languages ​​and ways of communication are welcome. Being curious, I know part of the sign language alphabet and some other things. It will be a new experience because of the way I train, because I like to be Outperforming my players in matches.I take it as a challenge and learning and we will look for a better way to communicate with the boys.The idea is to start learning sign language to communicate in the simplest way.Basketball is very gestural and there are many parts that I learn.In addition, every country has its own language Learning this language will be more related to the boys and being able to reach the group Find out how they are doing and if they have any physical discomfort For a game we use different gestures to communicate We make numbers with our hands to indicate certain plays or types of defences.

“The goal is for the project to last over time,” DT said.

Regarding the differences with the traditional method of the game, Bogado stated: “The game is the same and the adaptation will be in communication. It should be noted that there are lights under the board and the referee’s whistle is connected to the board and when he punishes something lights up a light indicating that the match has stopped.”

concentrations and worldwide

After meeting and confirming in the office with the FABS managers, they jointly started drawing up the business plan. We will have three gatherings and the first will be in Paraná. The exact date has not been confirmed, but it will be at the end of March. On the shortlist, 50 percent come from the north, but also from other parts of the country. Since Parana is located halfway between north and south, it will be the first meeting place. The second focus will be at the end of April in Salta. And the last meeting in Bahia Blanca, but already with the confirmed delegation. Most of the players are amateurs and have to manage the days they are allowed their jobs. The roster currently includes 28 boys and the idea is to put them in first focus,” the coach confirmed.

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The medical staff is another aspect that Bogado mentioned: “The federation asked me if I could keep the previous medical staff and I said yes, because they would help me get to know the group and the information they could give me would be very necessary.”.

In conclusion, Nestor Picchu Bogado referred to the World Cup and the project: “To join Los Tobos, boys must have a hearing loss of 55 percent and it is not easy to find boys who play basketball in this state. That is why one of the goals is the Cup World for this year, the other is the under-21 target that will be played in 2024 and also a generational change. The aim is for the project to continue over time and for boys with these conditions to be sought across the country.”

A long way

Néstor Pechu Bogado has a long history in basketball since he was very young and he remembers them all: “I started at the age of 13 as an observer in the Paraná Student Club. Then I had a short stint as a Division I cyclist and coaching coordinator. Later in gymnastics and fencing in Comodoro Rivadavia Where I ended up as the general coordinator for all local basketball. In Sionista I was part of the coaching staff of the National Basketball League team and also in the first local youth academy. I went back to CAE where I work with Feminine and Masculine and I am coordinator.”

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