Basketball: The Expected Return in San Francisco – DiarioSports

Basketball: The Expected Return in San Francisco – DiarioSports

This Friday will be the first date for the opening of the League Basketball Championship. You will enter the joint “Gustavo Zordo Rosa” Cup.

The wait is over and domestic basketball has resumed after more than a year, without formal competition. Throughout 2020, the domestic leagues have not played an official match, and will resume in 2021 after a prolonged period of inactivity.

This first half of the year it will take place between the six San Francisco Association teams. Against all in the form of a round trip. Then the qualifiers will take place that will lead to the champion of Apertura.

On the first date, two San Francisco residents will be locals and one of them will act as a visitor. San Isidro will receive Alma Fuerte de las Farias in “Severo Robledo”, while Tala will receive the same in front of Calcral Arroeto in “Luis Rafael Ferreira”. El Ceibo will visit Sociedad Sportiva Devoto.

First-division matches to be played in San Francisco will begin at 10 pm, while the game in Devoto will begin at 9:30 pm. Previously, U17 category matches would be played.

For its part, the U-15 and 19-year-olds will play their matches on Saturday. The youngest will do so from 5:30 pm, then the largest.

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