Obstacle to the health of overweight people

Obstacle to the health of overweight people

according to World Health Organization (WHO), Obesity has tripled globally since 1975. Although it is a serious chronic disease, expert opinions consider its consequences stigma around. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), the Obesity stigma may possess consequences Socially, psychologically and physically devastating for those who suffer from it.

In addition to the trend mentioned by the World Health Organization, prof Stady In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has been linked to weight gain among children, teens, and adults. At the same time, another investigation From the same year he also recorded Increased stigma of obesity and its psychological consequences. As with other forms of discrimination, this suffering and distress increases a person’s risk of suffering Mental illness.

Good With the World Obesity Federation, the stigma of obesity stems from a Bias weight, that is, negative ideologies associated with being overweight. This ideological connection includes the characterization of obese people as being obese Lazy people, without willpower, with little intelligence and lack of attractiveness. The union warns that these stigmatizing beliefs can lead to stigmatizing actions, such as Negative comments, teasing and physical aggression.

Even stigma is often experienced in the medical context, points American Psychological Association (APA). People who are obese are prone to Neglecting your health careStudies show that after being stigmatized by a health worker, Overweight patients avoid seeking treatment later. On the other hand, when the doctor addresses the patient to support him and not stigmatize him, he is more likely to perform the treatment.

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To expand on this last point, NotiPress consulted Guadalupe Rios CopeshA patient in the Obesity and Nutrition Clinic at Angeles Hospital to learn about his experience. She stated that her doctor’s modus operandi, comprehensive understanding of her condition, and access to other necessary specialists are some of the characteristics that she considers her care and treatment in the clinic to be successful.

The patient indicated that with the clinic’s multidisciplinary team, she was able to lose weight and improve her cardiovascular health.

The main difference with previous treatments, as described, was Detailed communication of the origin of your weight – in his thyroid-related condition – the process and effect of each medication and the details of how to maintain a healthy weight. He commented, “My mood has improved, my self-esteem has improved, I’m seeing a better quality of life.”

he overweightunderstood as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that can affect health, is a A serious but treatable public health problem. However, the Obesity stigmaIt often prevents, both among society in general and in the medical community, adequate and decent treatment for those who suffer from it. In this way, it is necessary to train medical personnel who are able to take care of people’s health without falling into bias and misinformation about obesity.

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