Octavio Ocaña, his sister reveals the last moments by his side

Octavio Ocaña, his sister reveals the last moments by his side

Only two days before the unfortunate October 29 was the last day of that day Bertha Okana He was able to be with his brother and have a very special day that he will definitely not forget.

sister Octavio Okana Share on social networks how were the last moments he lived next to the actor Which gave way to Benito Rivers in the Televisa Vecinos series. The young woman said he was on a very special date.

Bertha Ocaña shared on Instagram her Next Last Day Story Octavio OkanaNoting that it was her birthday, which is why the famous actor invited her to spend the afternoon with him at home to watch movies.

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The young woman pointed out that Octavio Ocaña made them comfortable, ate and later made popcorn to enjoy a movie on Netflix. He added that both partners were on that special day.

Berta shared that while the movie was a lot of fun, she, the actor, and the businessman in the middle fell asleep and Neria Godenez, the young man’s fiancée, captured that moment.

Octavio Ocaña, his sister reveals the last moments by his side. Photo: Instagram.

The account of his last moments with Octavio Ocaña was shared with the above photo where both brothers can be seen sleeping. Ocaña’s sister confirmed that at the end of the film she and her partner had left, as it was already 10:00 PM.

Bertha Ocaña asserts that had she known these would be her last moments with her brother, she would have hugged him tighter and tighter and would make that day even more special.

Only two days after this beautiful day, the news of Bertha about her brother was that he had just passed away, that is under completely dubious circumstances and very soon after turning 23 years old.

The authorities claim that Octavio Augusto Perez Okana He died because he did the same thing when he lost control of his truck; But her family and her lawyers insisted that there was evidence to prove that what the authorities had said was not true.

Meanwhile, the Perez-Okana family continues their journey to prove these facts and clarify what really happened on October 29, 2021.

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