PCH, a new store where Instagram brands find physical space

PCH, a new store where Instagram brands find physical space

PCH has a store in Roma Norte where projects that started as Instagram accounts display their products in a carefully designed space.

Instagram has become a great platform for fashion ventures and online shopping is undoubtedly incredible, but there is no such thing as the experience of going to a store, being able to see clothes, trying things and discovering things. You won’t be caught by a screen. From this emerged PCH, a physical space in Roma Norte where stores that started as Instagram accounts can showcase their products and create a complete experience in the El Parián aisle.

PCH’s concept is to rotate and invite brands and artists throughout the year to keep the store fresh and with the latest Instagram trends. Another important feature is that all brands currently participating in PCH in Roma Norte are created and directed by women.

Last year, they opened PCH with four brands: Side-Job, a jewelry brand whose star is Murano glass; peach stockings, the original stockings with which you can upgrade any outfit; Porta Cana bags, which innovate with unique shapes and colors that can accompany you in your daily life; Rubber, skin care products and other items for personal use raise self-esteem and complement your daily rituals.

In addition to displaying original brands, the PCH store has been carefully designed, so progressing within the space is an experience. You can visit PCH in the El Parián Pass in Rome, and to find out more about participating brands you can follow Tweet embed.

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