Official! Abinader announces that he will choose to be re-elected in the 2024 elections

Official!  Abinader announces that he will choose to be re-elected in the 2024 elections

SANTO DOMINGO: Dominican President Luis Abenader announced Sunday that he is looking forward to running for a second four-year term and will therefore participate in the internal elections of the ruling Modernist Revolutionary Party.

“After deep reflection, I understood that the country is above my family or personal peace of mind, and that is why today I am announcing my decision to participate in the internal elections of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), to be its candidate for the presidency of the Republic in the 2024 elections,” Abinader announced.

The governor announced his decision through a video clip on his social networks. The President is visiting New York City, where this Sunday he leads the Great Dominican Parade that takes place every year in that city.

Do you remember how we were three years ago? Deserted streets, closed businesses and everyone locked at home, the Head of State said regarding the pandemic, there was uncertainty, but in the face of every challenge, we maintained an unwavering will and our hope never faded.

With this arrangement, he added, “honesty has earned the trust of the citizen, and that trust has given me the determination to work tirelessly to get vaccines when almost no country has been able to get them, to reopen tourism and reinvigorate the economic growth that has allowed lost jobs to be restored.”

Abinader’s announcement was expected by the entire country, as many officials and leaders of the prime minister’s party declared for months that he should continue at the head of the state.

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The Dominican constitution allows for consecutive re-election and never to run for office again.

The president should have no problem winning his organization’s primaries.

The presidential elections in the Dominican Republic will be held on the third Sunday of May 2024, the same day as the legislative elections.

Abinader won the 2020 presidential election in the first round, with 53.11% of the vote, defeating the candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Gonzalo Castillo.

In a few months you will have to choose whether you would prefer to continue with more honesty in politics. “I know your answer,” said the chief, “because I know you, and you are part of a noble and respected people, and you know that this is not the time to go back.”

The Dominican president is a leader in the country’s frequently published opinion polls, some of which show him as the favorite to win in the first round.


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