Official! Pau Gasol will join Barcelona next week

Official!  Pau Gasol will join Barcelona next week

The F.C.B These days he’s designing a landing plan Paw Gasol In Palau. The center of St. Boy, whose signature Barcelona team unleashed a great influence on international basketball after his departure to the NBA, He will arrive at the culé foundation in the next few days to be formally presented In so doing, he joins working with his new colleagues. Gasol was to sign until the end of the season.

In the first place, it had been speculated that Gasol, 40, would continue his career for a while in the United States working alone until his doctors deemed his foot was already in a position to meet the requirements of the first-level team. Fortunately, that won’t happen. Pau will arrive in the next few days for presentation next week (Certainly Wednesday or Thursday), To immediately join the work of Barça de Sarunas Jasikevicius.

Previously, a former NBA player He must undergo a mandatory medical review To further formalize his signature for Barcelona. This step is necessary to verify the authenticity of the signed contract and subsequently place it under the orders of the Lithuanian coach, who is actually his close friend and ex-partner.

Until now The exact date of Pau Gasol’s arrival in Barcelona remains unknownSince the player will move with his wife and daughter, and because they both hold US citizenship, a series of measures must first be completed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has complicated all areas.

There is no urgency

Despite the complications caused by the pandemic, there is no urgency on the part of Barcelona to see Bao playing matches as a Barcelona player, nor on the part of the player himself. He isn’t even expected to work at the same pace as his team-mates during his first days at Palau. The goal is for the mythical axis to acquire the physical form The rhythm of the game is gradual so that it can be gradually introduced into the group dynamics.

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Meanwhile, It is important to note how your left foot responds to the practices. Because it kept him from playing for about two years, due to the gradual increase in voltage loads. Bao had a hard time letting go of the consequences of fracturing the temporal canoe in his foot, but it appears he has finally succeeded.

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