Old Town Wind

Old Town Wind

The match started irregularly in both teams, and the score closed for the first 3 minutes. Pia Moyano was the one who found Melina Zapata alone under the ring to open the scoring in the match for Remeros. Mercedarias extended the score by 3 Paola Giovio. McCabe, on his part, continued his erratic, unable to find a goal anywhere with 0/12 in field goals in the first six minutes of play. Macabeas breaks zero after a Martina Mariño burglary that ended with Joaquina Gregorio’s departure. Desire and more desire by Jessica da Costa gave McCabe a lot, but reaction points appeared that were cut by three times by Carolina Fernandes for the Mercedarians. When everything seemed to be walking distance for Remeros, Joaquina Gregorio appeared again from midfield to flip it over with the board and leave the score 12-11 in favor of Remeros at the end of the first quarter.

With a great start from Da Costa and seven straight points, the Maccabees passed the scoreboard and began to find distances in the Remeros defense. Jessica’s anger at the verdict and the harshness of how she was flagged made her get her best version of herself. When Louis Berry let her rest on the bench, Joaquina responded and from the hat-trick the difference extended. High pressure in defense and zone 2-3 down halted every Mercedarian’s attack. Julieta Rodriguez re-entered the goal for the Mercedarias with two pieces from the basket. The end of the quarter left Maccabees better off 29-21 ahead of the long haul.

The second half started over again as Jessica set fire to the ring and attacked the ring with a goal or made mistakes. Gregorio and Diana Carreo, accompanied by Jessica, cemented the lead to 16 points, 8-0, in the first five minutes of the third quarter. A minute after Remeros, the match faltered again and there was no goal anywhere. The wind slowly started to play and the ball shook in the air. It reached its third climax with McCabe 39-23.

The last boy started with Sophia Bergdahl attacking the edge and reaching the bass with ease. Perry recruited the team and among the popular “Colo” and “Negra”, D’Alessandro and Bergdahl were in charge of the scoring in the beginning. McCabe extended the lead to over 20 and the final five had to decorate the score. Hebraika Maccabi ended the match in his favor with a score of 52 to 31, to end it with victory in the regular stage.

In the victory, Jessica da Costa stood out with 15 points, 9 rebounds and one assist, accompanied by Joaquin Gregorio and Diana Carreo with 8 points each, and the interior added 12 rebounds.

In Rowers, Pia Moyano featured 9 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, accompanied by Melina Zapata with 6 points, 13 rebounds and one assist.

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