Universitario vs Sporting Cristal: when and where to watch the 13th fixture of League 1 LIVE | Sports University | League 1 | huge stadium | equalizer | Referee: Kevin Ortega Modern Classics of Peruvian Football | Heatpero | Movistar | sports

Universitario vs Sporting Cristal: when and where to watch the 13th fixture of League 1 LIVE |  Sports University |  League 1 |  huge stadium |  equalizer |  Referee: Kevin Ortega  Modern Classics of Peruvian Football |  Heatpero |  Movistar |  sports

The end of the meeting. Universitario beat Sporting Cristal 2-0 in the Monumental de Ate.

90′ + 4 | Yellow for Laura Gilmar.

89 ′ | Can’t believe what Brenner missed. Diego Otoya won the aerial, deflecting the ball from Carvalho. The ball remains for the Brazilian, who inexplicably fails.

85 ′ | GOOOOOOOOL: José Rivera finds the long-awaited goal and gives Universitario peace of mind after a great play on Andy Polo’s squad.

84 ′ | Yellow by Alexander Sugar.

83 | Yellow for Washington Corozo.

79 ′ | Changes at Sporting Cristal: Diego Otoya, Adrian Askios, Gianfranco Chavez and Nelson Loyola replaced.

79 ′ | Changes at Universitario: Rodrigo Ureña and Horacio Calcaterra leave in place of Jorge Murrugarra and Yuriel Celi, respectively.

76′ | Changes at Universitario: Alexander Succar and José Bolívar entered for Emanuel Herrera and Nelson Cabanillas, respectively.

66′ | Change in Universitario: Alfonso Barco enters in place of Martín Pérez Guerdes, author of the goal that gives the creams the victory.

64 ′ | Changes for Sporting Cristal: Washington Corozo and Justin Alarcón entered for Leandro Sosa and Martín Távara, respectively.

56′ | Sporting Cristal Substitution: Brenner Marlos replaces Alejandro Hobberg. Very little was provided by the “dwarf”.

55′ | João Grimaldo wanted to start on the wing but Polo got to it, reaching into the race to interrupt the competitor’s climb.

54 ′ | Rivera reappears, receiving from Ureña but unable to connect comfortably.

50 ′ | Rivera runs off and Solis doesn’t react, but the ball expands. Close up of the second creams.

The second half begins in Monumental: Universitario beat Sporting Cestal 1-0.

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45 + 2 | GOOOOOOOL: Martín Pérez Guedes seems surprisingly local to the area and puts first for the locals. The play began with Jose Rivera’s winger reaching Calcaterra, who gave an excellent pass to his compatriot. The former Melgar masterfully dominated to score 1-0. Universitario wins in the twilight of the first half.

44′ | Yellow by Ignacio da Silva.

41 ′ | They claim a card for Alejandro Hobberg after a tough challenge against Rodrigo Urena.

38′ | Yellow for Matías di Benedetto.

33′ | The match heats up after a hard tackle from Gianfranco Chavez on Jose Rivera. The referee shows a yellow card to the sky blue defender, while Perez Guedes also shows a yellow card to face the opposing defender.

27 ′ | Yellow by Martin Tavarra.

32′ | Martín Pérez Guedes tried again for a long run for Universitario but was sidetracked.

25′ | Universitario scares again: Calcaterra looks for Herrera and shoots with his left foot, forcing Solís to clear the corner kick. Explain what’s in the match.

20′ | Calcaterra tries again from distance but the ball does not find the goal.

19′ | Alejandro Hoberg tests long distances, but Jose Carvalho controls without problems.

15′ | Almost the goal: a blunt starter mistake by Renato Solís that Emmanuel Herrera failed to capitalize on. Martin Tavarra avoids identifying Karim the striker. Crystal is saved.

Photo: JULIO REAÑO / @photo.gec

11 ′ | Horacio Calcaterra shoots from a distance. Creams attack a lot.

9′ | Nelson Cabanellas steps in but controls Renato Solís’ clean with his fists

2′ | Tough foul by Nelson Loyola against Andy Polo at the start of the match. I felt very decent player.

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The meeting starts at 8:52 PM.

Fact: Universitario Sporting Cristal are undefeated in 9 matches. Their most recent victory was in 2018, when Chrismann won 2-1 with goals from Alberto Quinteros and Germain Dennis. Youngster Marcos Lopez scored for the cracks.

Due to problems with the Remence team’s arrival at the Monumental Hotel, the meeting is postponed for a few minutes. The meeting will start at 8:45 pm.

academic: Jose Carvalho | Aldo Corzo, William Riveros, Matthias Di Benedetto | Andy Polo, Martin Perez Guedes, Rodrigo Urena, Nelson Cabanellas | Horacio Claterra | Jose Rivera, Emmanuel Herrera.

Sporting Crystal: Renato Solís | Laura Gilmar, Ignacio da Silva, Gianfranco Chavez, Nelson Loyola | Gerald Tavarra, Jesus Castillo, Yoshimar Yoten | Leandro Sosa, Joao Grimaldo, Alejandro Hoberg.

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How will Universitario and Sporting Cristal arrive?

Universitario de Deportes will reach the date of 13 after a draw with a lot of “claw” in the Copa Sudamericana duel against Goiás from Brazil and after losing 2-0. In the domestic league, Jorge Fossati’s men are unbeaten in six matches.

For his part, Sporting Cristal will play in the 13th date of League 1 after being defeated by four goals to two against River Plate, who had one less goal for more than a while, for the Libertadores Cup. In the national championship, Thiago Nunes’ men remain the only ones who are undefeated.

When will ‘U’ and Crystal play for date 13?

Universitario de Deportes will welcome Sporting Cristal at the Monumental de Ate stadium on Monday, April 24, at 08:30 pm, in a match valid on the 13th of the First League. This duel will be attended by the national referee, Kevin Ortega, who averages 6 yellows and 0.4 reds per game.

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Where can U vs Cristal LIVE be watched?

The modern classic of Peruvian football between Universitario and Sporting Cristal can be seen through the Golperu signal on its channels 14 and 714 on the Movistar cable operator.

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