Olga Sanchez. I have no expectations of reaching the presidency of Mexico

Olga Sanchez.  I have no expectations of reaching the presidency of Mexico

Olga Sanchez CorderoThe Minister of the Interior (Sejob), considered that there is a high possibility that A. Women the sea President of Mexico, However, he stated that he had no expectations Compete for the position.

At a morning press conference, the retired secretary of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) stated that when she finished her job Interior chief He’ll dedicate his time to be with his family.

“I’ve always kept my whole life, and when I come to break some glass ceilings, for example, being the first notary in Mexico City, I always insisted that the first women to arrive open the place, break the crystallization of the ceiling for so many other women, and we can’t We will be the first, the only one, and the first among many women. “

Today we have a great possibility that they will reach very important positions, such as the presidency, so why not, Competitive women of high quality and capacity“.

In the Treasury Room of the National Palace, Sanchez Cordero stated that he does not expect to run for the presidency.

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“I am personally, personally, and if I wanted to make it completely clear: I already have many years and I do not have expectations of this kind, of course not, and above all, because of my age, because in another moment and ending this responsibility, I would like to devote myself to spending more time. With my family, with my grandchildren and my grandchildren. “

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