Olympia insults UPNFM in a match full of penalties and goals with a perfect hat-trick from Arboleda! – ten

Olympia insults UPNFM in a match full of penalties and goals with a perfect hat-trick from Arboleda!  – ten

Goals, goals and more goals were the ones celebrated in the 5–1 win over it Olympiad It is prescribed to UPNFM On the occasion of the third day of 2021 Clausura Championship.

Once again the fund Pedro Trueglio Show the favoritism practiced in National League of Honduras With the amazing roster that Albus possesses, by crushing a collector’s club he could not face the strength of their opponent.

Although UPNFM was surprised to take the lead in commitment, the White Break completely covered Lobos’ intent and moved on to the very end.

Clausura 2021 tournament venues schedule

Justin Arboleda He was a great figure in dueling, scoring a perfect hat-trick (right, left, header) and in one match climbed to the top of the tournament’s scorers’ table.

the game

Olympia came to commit to the mission of adding a new victory that would allow him to continue the fight for the top spot in the Central Region, realizing that Mutagua had previously defeated Real Sociedad.

However, the plan was to push the limits when the Wolves advanced in the 22nd minute, with a well-collected penalty kick by Michael Osorio, in a controversial game that was not penalized as a pre-offside.

This was the perfect hat-trick of Justin Arboleda vs UPNFM

However, UPNFM’s joy lasted barely 10 minutes, at which time the merengue scramble began to end the score and the final victory.

At 32, Michaell Chirinos was eliminated in the rival area by young Enrique Vásquez and the whistle was punished by a new maximum penalty. Justin Arboleda took charge and established the 1-1 part with an impossible correct shot, extending Celio Valladares.

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In the last game of the first half, at 45 + 3, Johnny Leveyron finished off his right when he found the ball bouncing in the UPNFM zone.

The sequel arrived and the goal feast, and in the 49th minute, Justin Arboleda was again present, scoring a beautiful header in the corner of the opponent’s goal.

Justin Arboleda rose to score his second goal of the night. Photo: Emilio Flores.

The third penalty kick was taken at night in the 64th minute, after another foul against Michel Chirinos. Eddie Hernandez was the performer and subtly extended the lead to 4-1.

Four minutes later, at the age of 68, Justin Arboleda crowned his dream night by scoring a hat-trick, perfect, after he scored his fifth left-foot accident.

But the Olympia party was about to be overshadowed by a new UPNFM goal, with the referee issuing another penalty, fourth of the night, for a foul by Mylor Nunez, who was twice warned and then sent off.

Day 4: The next date will be played with two exciting classics

However, Arnold Melendez wanted so much centering and reassurance that he sent the ball out, wasting the opportunity to reduce damage.

Thus ended the confrontation that allowed Olympia to stay in first place in his group on goal difference, following his perfect record and raising his temper for the classic against Motagua for the fourth day.

Eddie Hernandez and Justin Arboleda formed a terrifying duo to defend UPNFM. Photo: Emilio Flores.


Olympia added nine matches without losing with UPNFM in the National League.
Justin Arboleda, with his hat-trick, reached 73 goals in the National League, and also scored a penalty 18 of 22.
Johnny Liveron scored his nineteenth goal in the National League and his first with Olympia.
Eddie Hernandez scored his 71st goal in the National League, and he also scored the fifth penalty kick from five collected.
Michael Osorio scored his eighth goal in the national league, as well as a sixth penalty kick.
– Maylor Nunez experienced his first national league sending off.

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Match paper

Olympiad1. Edrik Mingivar. 2. Mayor Nunez, 17. Jonathan Paz, 16. Johnny Leveron, 5. Evergreen Alvarado; 8. Alan Banegas, 20. Debbie Flores, 33. Michelle Cherinos, 65. Josman figueroa; 19. Justin Arboleda, 30. Eddie Hernandez. DT> Pedro Trueglio.

the changes: Marvin Bernardes in favor of Josman Figueroa, minute 53. German Mejia for Alain Banegas, minute 63. Javier Portillo for Avar Alvarado, minute 63. Jerry Bengtson in favor of Eddie Hernandez, minute 70. Ezequiel Aguirre in favor of Michel Sherinos, minute 71.

Objectives: Justin Arboleda (penalty kick), minutes 32, 49 and 68. Johnny Leveron, minute 45 + 3. Eddie Hernandez, minute 64.

Cards yellow: Michel Cherinus, the 12th minute. Eddie Hernandez, the 38th minute. Justin Arboleda, the 54th minute. Johnny Leveron, the 58th minute. Maylor Nunez, the 73rd and 76th minute.

Cards Rojas: Mayor Nunez, minute 76.

This is how we lived minute by minute from the Olympia victory

UPNFM: 1. Celio Valadares; 7. Carlos Roches, 27. Jason Sanchez, 2. Michael Osorio, 17. Enrique Vasquez; 15. Christopher Urminetta, 8. Elder Torres, 23. Sendel Cruz; 9. Alexander Boden, 11. César Guillen, 25. Jerek Diaz. DT: Salomon Nazar.

the changes: Marco Godoy for Sendel Cruz, first half. Arnold Melendez through Alexander Bowen, the first half. Luis Alvarez on behalf of Elder Torres, minute 57. Jairou Roches on Cesar Guillen, minute 64.

Objectives: Michael Osorio (penalty kick), the 22nd minute.

Cards yellow: Jason Sanchez, minute 23. Sendel Cruz, minute 26. Sheikh Torres, minute 35. Jerek Diaz, minute 46.

Cards Rojas: It was not.

Rule: Alex Morazan.

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StadiumNational: Tegucigalpa.

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