Iza Jonesles Receives Strong Reviews For Singing This English Classic Movie | Video

Iza Jonesles Receives Strong Reviews For Singing This English Classic Movie |  Video

Isa Gonzales She is one of the most well-known Latin actresses in status United. The singer also does not waste time showing her pride as a Mexican. He even announced it thanks to what he learned Mexico He was allowed to excel at Unin Americana. However, in recent days, he has come under various criticism for a video uploaded to his official social media accounts.

In the registry you can see Gonzales Performing a theatrical song ‘Beauty and the beastEverything seems to be going well, until the comment drawer is checked as followers urge the singer not only to speak but also to write in Spanish, because despite the pride she feels Mexican It seems he has already forgotten his native language. Some users stated that there are followers who do not understand Engels.

Criticism rained down on him

The Dashes They were very IntenseSince they messed with the actress’ appearance by saying that they started speaking English, but their look is to have a ‘nopal in the front’, some rebel fans review. At the same time, they asked him to read their posts in Spanish, like many of them Mexicans And sometimes they don’t understand English. They pointed out the same thing with Form From Talk.

However, he has also received supportive comments and has also come out in defense of Gemayel an actress. Some have questioned the hatred they are receiving from Mexicans, who claim to be their own countrymen while sending greetings from South American countries. Others highlighted Eligibility My voice They were surprised and asked if it was Isa He didn’t know how to do something wrong. Finally, wish him luck in his career.

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Faced with split comments, Isa He continues to communicate in both languages, but what he has not stopped doing is to show the love he has for his country of origin. On some occasions, he has declared that his goal is to continue to grow as an artist so that he may be an example of a preparation that Mexicans This way the name stands out MexicoLand of successful people.

Premiere victory

in the last days, Isa Gonzales Film releasedo not worryAnd the I take care of youAlong with the actress Rosamond Spear. This production is available in NetflixTaking advantage of the first show, the Mexican told some of her personal life secrets. Among the questions asked was whether she was friends with her ex-girlfriends or whether she felt uncomfortable when people did not turn on their lights while driving. This dynamic was posted by an account Netflix.

Looking at this, the actress said that she gets on well with her ex-partners, because they are people with whom she shared pleasant moments at the time. At the same time, he admitted he doesn’t care if Pizza Take Pia. But he questioned the combination, because he said he did not understand the purpose of this fruit in pizza. But I rate this dish as intended for elegant people. He didn’t care whether people would turn on their lights or not when driving.

On the other side, ‘Don’t worry, I take care of you, directed by J Blackson. Isa She acts as one of the protagonists of the melodrama and is the emotional partner of the main character played by the actress Rosamond Spear. The spouses are responsible for carrying out frauds against the elderly. Although the movie premiered last Friday, it ranked as one of the platform’s most viewed products over the weekend.

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