Only two students attended an accredited school of health – NotiCel – Truth As It – Puerto Rico News – NOTICEL

Only two students attended an accredited school of health – NotiCel – Truth As It – Puerto Rico News – NOTICEL

The school was accredited by the Ministry of Health last night.

Two students receive face-to-face lessons for the first time in a year at Roberto Clemente Walker School in Carolina.

Photo: Luis Alberto Lopez

“Messi, what do I do if I have to go to the bathroom?” A special education student who attended Roberto Clemente Walker School today asked for the first time in over a year.

The school in Carolina received the official certification from the Department of Health last night, and at that time, at 11 pm, parents were notified that from tomorrow (today) they could take their children to the classroom.

Many parents said yes, according to director Maria Reyes Negron, but only two arrived, out of the twenty expected.

“Most of my recording comes on foot because they live in residential areas near here, even there are no school transportation, and because of the rain, we knew that not everyone would be able to get there,” said Reyes Negron.

Upon reaching the school gate, the student is greeted by a nurse, Stephanie Castro, and a digital thermometer indicating whether or not they can enter the campus. Then, the class teacher searches for the student and accompanies him to the class, following new traffic directions at the school.

The two students who attended today are part of one of the two classes of the school for special education students.

On the other hand, the principal concern of the principal is the kindergarten students, as they have never visited the school in person.

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“We will have staff who focus on kindergarten students so that they can bring them to their classrooms and adapt to the school,” said the school principal.

This school is one of the few schools that obtained the official certificate from the Ministry of Health, so many people wonder, how did they achieve it?

“To get the certification, we set up the Health and Safety Committee, we named the whole school, the Puerto Rican police cooperated in registering the common areas, and we enabled the bathrooms with soap dispensers,” Reyes Negron explained as part of the process, with about 20 employees from the Ministry of Health and epidemiologists present to certify them. .

The principal informed NotiCel that 210 students are officially registered and 80 students are in the process of completing registration.

Reyes Negrón hopes that student attendance on the school campus will be higher with the days.


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