Opposition leader Juan Guaido heads to Miami after warning from Colombia

Opposition leader Juan Guaido heads to Miami after warning from Colombia

(CNN Spanish) — Juan Guaidó traveled from Bogotá to Miami on Monday night, a source close to the Venezuelan opposition leader told CNN.

According to the source, Quito boarded a flight from Colombian airline Avianca at 11:00pm local time.

“Migration Colombia escorted Quito, who was in Bogotá irregularly, to El Dorado airport with the aim of verifying his departure on a commercial flight to the United States,” the Colombian foreign ministry said in a statement.

They mention in the text that the ticket was already bought by Guaidó. They conclude the letter by assuring that “Colombian immigration was careful that this journey took place without delay.”

Earlier in the morning, Guaidó said he had entered the Colombian border on foot, but did not specify whether he crossed the bridges connecting Colombia and Venezuela or through illegal routes known as trails.

Colombian Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva assured that Quito had entered Colombian territory inappropriately and that he was in danger “because the law is being followed in Colombia”.

CNN contacted Guaidó’s team to find out their reaction to this warning from the Foreign Minister, but from there they responded that, for now, they would not comment.

Guaidó has argued that he plans to meet with delegates and migrants attending an international summit on the political situation in Venezuela on April 25.

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded that Quito had not been invited to the conference. No other representative of the opposition or the Venezuelan government was present.

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