A Guantanamo official dressing up as a morning pioneer is a waste of “creativity.”

A Guantanamo official dressing up as a morning pioneer is a waste of “creativity.”

The waste of “creativity” was an “initiative” of A.S morning Which was held on Monday at the headquarters of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Guantanamo, where An official in a major’s uniform and a red sash.

in it Represent At the government residence, an elderly lady dressed as a pioneer with a red skirt, white blouse, scarf, pantyhose and a pair of scooters crowned the woman’s funny outfit, according to photos posted by the publication. Facebook by the head of the provincial government herself, Idaliena Diaz Casamayor.

Facebook Capture / Idaliena Diaz Casamayor

“The morning newspaper at the headquarters of the Municipal Council of People’s Power in Guantanamo surprises us today with its creativity and quality. Long live the first of May,” the committee highlighted in its publication.

Furthermore, the absurdity of the situation is revealed in the serendipity of a woman in a school uniform appearing in front of a rope hanging on the wall under a banner denoting her name.

Although it has not been possible to establish a connection between the Pioneers, the morning paper devoted to May Day and the rope, it can be ventured that it is undoubtedly an act of ‘creation’.

Comments, most of them derision and disbelief, rain down on pictures of this political act that usually takes place in work and study centers in Cuba.

Solved that Major who seemed to refuse [la asignatura] The world we’ve lived in since 1976 is beyond that,” someone suggested wryly, pointing to the rope in the background of the photo.

Another user commented, “When absurdity was being created, the Communists had already patented it, so boy what are they doing.”

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Netizens did not calm down, and a series of jokes and sarcastic comments about the absurd act crept into the post of the People’s Power official, who promptly deleted the post.

The publication began to spread among Cubans, as it had happened before with other publications from official institutions, organizations, the media, and even System charactersWho exposes absurd situations or unlikely Which, after all, is fodder for memes on social networks.

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