Order confirmed for J1 for completion 2024

Order confirmed for J1 for completion 2024


With a full arsenal! For the first time since 2018, La Maquina will start the Liga MX tournament with a full squad.

© Jaime Nogales/JAM MEDIAMartin Anselmi's first official eleven.

An introduction to Blue Cross! machine received Tusos Pachuca's (ex Blue Arena), in a match related to the first day 2024 ends of Liga MX.

In view of the presentation of the package Cement manufacturerSignificant Martin Anselmi I was given the opportunity to serve for three weeks at the helm Blue CrossA period in which he played two friendlies (against Atlante and Querétaro), in which he left two clear signals.

In that sense, it is noteworthy that the Argentine coach chose the same in both preparation meetings project: 4-3-3. Meanwhile, it attracted attention Seven football players were part of Starting sequencePlaces them based on the new function machine.

Cruz Azul will return to the former Estadio Azul.

Possible alignment vs. Cruz Azul. Pachuca

Great expectations at the outset 2024 ends indicates that First alignment using that Martin AnselmiAfter a last-minute save by the Yar Colombian goalkeeper Kevin Myer You can trust The whole teamSomething that hasn't happened since 2018.

With this in mind, the eleventh machine In a fight against Pachucas it could be: Kevin Myer; Ignacio Rivero, Willer Ditta, Gonzalo Piovi, Carlos Vargas; Eric Lira, Lorenzo Faravelli, Charlie Rodriguez; Uriel Antuna, Carlos Rodondi and Gabriel Fernandez.

Anselmi's seven principal men

Colombian goalkeeper Kevin Myer He is emerging as an owner Blue Cross when 2024 endswhen Ignacio Rivero And Gonzalo Piovi They will be leaders in defence, with the Uruguayan at right-back and the Argentine left-back at centre-back.

For its part, the midfield looks limited: Eric Lira As a center and Charlie Rodriguez with Lolo Faravelli Interrupted as an attacking midfielder. Meanwhile, in friendly matches, Martin Anselmi Used three forwards, highlighting the regularity Magician Antona.

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