They arrested four people robbed on North 75th Street in San Salvador – Diario La Pagina

They arrested four people robbed on North 75th Street in San Salvador – Diario La Pagina

Members of the National Civil Police (PNC) arrested four people accused of armed robbery of drivers and pedestrians traveling on North 75th Avenue and Alameda Juan Pablo II in San Salvador. Among the detainees is a woman.

The complaint was submitted two days ago on social media, where public security services were alerted that these criminals, at gunpoint, were stealing the property of the victims who were present in the location detailed above.

The people identified as Marlon Efrain Ayala Orellana, Eric Bryan de Paz Rivera, Rodrigo Jose Nagaro Fernandez, and Paula Cristabel Navidad Rivera. The woman is said to have been responsible for monitoring the victims and passing information to the men so that they would commit the robberies.

The National Civil Police confirms that the arrests were made on Saturday and that they were presented on their knees in the same place where they committed their crimes, through which a message is sent to all criminals that no one will be tolerated in El Salvador. Criminals, because the arm of justice will reach them wherever they are.

Marlon Efrain Ayala Orellana, 35, a resident of the La Campinha community, Ilopango, was arrested when he was traveling on 5 de November Avenue in the same car he was driving on the day of the robbery. His car and a pistol with two cartridges were confiscated.

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Traveling with him was Paula Navidad Rivera, 25 years old, his life partner, who had the role of monitoring and detecting potential victims.

Eric Brian de Paz Rivera, 26 years old, was arrested on Army Street, on the promenade of the April 22 community, in Soyapango and Rodrigo Jose Nagaro Fernandez, the two people who directly participated in the robbery and were registered. In the photo that spread on social media.

Residents who have been victims of these issues are asked to file a complaint so that more cases are accumulated against them and in this way they will not be released from prison anymore. They are investigated if they have links to members of criminal structures.

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