Orders to correct locking in all prisons due to increase in COVID-19 infections

Orders to correct locking in all prisons due to increase in COVID-19 infections

The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Ordered to close today, Wednesday Because infections are on the rise in all the penal institutions on the island COVID-19.

Secretary of the Organization, Ana Escobar Babon, Explained in a press release that cases have increased again in the four prisons on the island Disabling Includes community therapy centers.

The order goes into effect tomorrow, Thursday, and will continue until November 30. Escobar Babon also said Guidance Indicates that family visits have been suspended.

“It is important for relatives of prisoners to know that in the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, we have an epidemiologist appointed by the Department of Health and, in conjunction with physician correctional staff, employ a variety of strategies to control the spread of the virus. Including perception molecular tests and isolation of affected prisoners in the same block. 98% of the agency’s staff are vaccinatedSome are already in the third dose, and the mass vaccination of prisoners is being integrated into the third dose, ”the official said.

According to the agency, 98% of the corrected population is vaccinated with two doses.

Similarly, it pointed out that the departure of the Armed Forces, the relocation between institutions, the activities inside and outside the institutions and the relocation of prisoners to work in other reform institutions would be canceled. The Disabling It re-establishes strict compliance with isolated periods.

According to the agency, Currently, 90 Covid-19 positive cases have been reported among inmates at the Jarsal de Rio Grande camp, while 44 inmates and four officers tested positive for the virus at Arena’s Sabana Hoyos 384 connection.

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In addition, 129 detainees and two reform officers at the Western Detention Center in Mayakus have been affected, as well as Bones Chancellor, who has nine confirmed infections.

Escobar Babon confirmed that the agency had implemented an infection management protocol and that inmates were being cared for by the company’s medical staff without being admitted to the hospital.

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