Samantha Geron’s mother blames the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo for what happened to her daughter

Samantha Geron’s mother blames the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo for what happened to her daughter

Carolina Jeron, mother of Samantha Jeron, denounced the arrest of her daughter yesterday and confirmed that she did not show an arrest warrant. I looked for her at El Chipote and they told her she was in the 3rd police precinct, where they received food, but they wouldn’t let her see her or give her more information.

“So far, the hours keep passing, my daughter is there because she gave me dirty clothes and got clean clothes. The only thing I ask is that it be announced that tomorrow, at a later time, if something happens to my daughter, if her physical and psychological well-being is bad, the officials The only ones are these, it is this government here, Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, who are the only ones responsible for silencing the voices of young people who are not intimidated and do not want to live like this,” Giron said.

Carolina Jeron, mother of Samantha Jeron, is being held without any arrest warrant.

Samantha’s mother learned of the young woman’s arrest through contacting a boy who witnessed the event because he was with her at the time of the arrest.

“Don’t worry they won’t catch me, be quiet, nothing will happen to me,” she said. Now here we are,” the mother said in tears.

Wendy Flores, Nicaragua’s Never + Collective Human Rights, indicated that they as advocates support the complaint of Ms. Carolina Giron, who joins family members calling for the release of their political prisoners.

“One feature of the complaint Donna Carolina mentioned is the way it was taken. They took it yesterday at 2:30 pm. The group was able to interview a witness who reported that paramilitary forces carried out the operation.”

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He noted that arrest characteristics are more consistent with kidnapping than with police captivity. He also pointed out the lack of an official document and the knowledge of his whereabouts from what his mother said.

According to Flores, as long as they did not file an arrest warrant or indictment, it amounted to an “enforced disappearance.”

On his part, Gonzalo Carrion, who is also from the Nicaraguan Nevers+ human rights group, noted that more than 20 people were arrested in the weekend of the electoral process.

“We thanked Samantha’s mother for demanding the freedom of her daughter as she does. “There are more than 160 political prisoners, we know that they released some of the kidnappers on Saturday, but what needs to be done is to release all the political prisoners, including Samantha,” Carrion said.

Samantha Geron is a former member of UNAB

Opposition journalism student Samantha Geron reported that she was missing on the night of November 9 by opposition organizations. This morning he learned that the police are holding her in the Managua Region 3 delegation.

Giron is one of the latest dissidents to be arrested in a wave of arbitrary arrests that has intensified in recent days. According to the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), between November 5 and 7 – the date of the presidential election – 32 people were arrested on the sidelines of due process.

Geron is a former member of the National Unity Blue and White (UNAB), an organization that reported his disappearance with a statement: “From National Unity we condemn the disappearance of activist and student Samantha Geron. The last time anyone called her was today at 1:30 pm. She is suspected to have been intercepted by the police in Managua.

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Jeron’s mother reports that her daughter worked with Felix Maradiaga’s team and that she left the house shortly before her home search. She had to flee and stayed in a safe house for about two months. Little by little, she lost her fear, but there were always threats over the phone from people who told her they had identified her and were going to foot the bill for her. Once a motorized car followed us and took pictures of us. It became a daily thing and she trusted herself. She even left the UN office, but she did not stop demanding the freedom of political prisoners.”

“Now I thank everyone who is calling for my daughter’s release.”

The media official of UNAB confirmed, on Wednesday morning, that the opposition woman is imprisoned.

Donia Carolina Giron indicated that her daughter had received threats and persecution. Originally from Masaya, Jiron went into exile in 2018, but decided to go back to be with her family

Sinead President Velma Nunez said during a forum in which she presented the current context of Nicaragua after November 7.

I was studying two jobs

Giron was studying two majors, one of which was political science at Pablo Freire University (UPF), an institution that had already sent a statement condemning her detention and demanding respect for her human rights and a show of support for the student’s family.

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