Othani did everything against the victory. Tiles

Othani did everything against the victory.  Tiles

Anaheim, California-Los Angeles 6-3 As the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday, Shoaib Ohtani made six six-hit innings to win his third consecutive start.

For the first time since June, Ohdani (7-1) allowed three passes off the ball and threw two wild pitches early in the 17th season.

On the plate, Ohdani sent 386 feet to the double wall, the 68th additional base win of the year, to open the first inning, the best record in the Majors. In addition, he got a walk and scored with four plate appearances for the Angels in the second inning, sharing their four-match series wins with the Blue Jays.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. faced Otani for the first time on the mat and Dominican, the second leading home runner in the major leagues, finished with a single, a walk and a strike against the leader of that class.

Puerto Rican lost after Jose Perrios (8-6) allowed six runs for eight wins. He landed in the fifth inning, his short start after a game against Minnesota in mid-April. Toronto conceded its fourth loss in 16 days.

Blue Jays, Dominicans Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 3-1; Teescar Hernandez 4-1, one score and one production; Santiago Espinal 2-0. Cuba Lourdes Currial 2-1, one run and RBI. Venezuela Brevik Valera 4-0.

For the Angels, Cuba’s Jose Iglesias scored 4-2, two runs.

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