Florida Lottery Man Wins ‘Jackpot’

Florida Lottery Man Wins ‘Jackpot’

It was a stroke of luck for a man in Port Charlotte, Florida, after he won a lottery ticket and won the jackpot, which undoubtedly changed his life.

48-year-old Adam Charlton was the lucky one to win the staggering amount of Billion Dollar Gold Rush Supreme, which was released in February.

The cost of the winning ticket is $30

members the lottery Florida, they noted that the ticket, purchased by Charlton, was obtained at a Publix store, located in Publix at 3941 Tamiami Trail in Punta Gorda.

The cost of the ticket was $ 30 and thanks to this decision, he was able to earn the amount of money he received.

Florida Lottery officials indicated that the man took home $13.2 million.

In the meantime, the site from which the ticket was purchased will receive a bonus of 30 thousand dollars.

How to win a lottery prize

Florida lottery game says The billion dollar gold rush, which debuted in February, offers a chance to win four prizes out of those totaling $15 million.

Plus, you can win 24 other prizes worth $1 million.

It is still not known how Adam Charlton will spend the modest amount that he earned on the game of chance.

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