Pachuca vs America and Tigres vs Atlas

Pachuca vs America and Tigres vs Atlas

The top four leaders reached the quarter-finals and are still looking for a Liga MX title

keys semi-finals subordinate Closing 2022which will contain the top four classifieds from the regular stage. Pachuca vs. USA s tigers vs. atlas The duels that will emerge will be the finalists for the competition that will culminate next Sunday, May 29, 2022.

It will be the sixth time Pachuca s USA They are in the Mexican Football League, where the Tozos dominated the Eagles. Among the previous five, Hidalguenses have won fourth place, the 2010 Verano semi-finals, the 2007 Clausura Final, as well as the Clausura 2015 and Clausura 2021 quarter-finals; While the feathered owners were only able to win in the 2012 Clausura quarter-finals.

In the normal stage, they met on the sixth day of Closing 2022The moment Santiago Solari was still on the bench USAwhich was later separated. On that occasion, Pachuca They won 1-3 at the Azteca Stadium with goals from Nicholas Ibanez, Aviles Hurtado and Victor Guzman. Henry Martin Register for Locals.

It’s the first time this has been done tigers s atlas They will face each other in the Mexican Football League as it is played in the form of short tournaments. However, the closest they got to the big party was at Clausura 2021, a competition they ran into the qualifying series, in which Atlas won 1-0 with a lone goal from Julio Verch.

During the normal stage, they both encountered each other on the last day of Closing 2022 At Jalisco Stadium, where they divided Al-Wehdat after a 1-1 draw. Jairo Torres scored for the local team and Nicolas Lopez scored the goal for the visitors, already in the last game of the match.

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