Pachuka Vs Shivas: Lines for the Liga MX Playoff Tournament

Pachuka Vs Shivas: Lines for the Liga MX Playoff Tournament

The Tuos del Pachuca And this Shivas Rayadas de Guadalajara The last game of the reuse phase at Hidalgo Stadium will be measured, to define what was last called for by Liquila del Clasura 2021 Liga M.X..

With a total of six wins, five draws and six defeats and 23 points, Pachuka qualified for this stage in eighth place.

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For their part, Shivas Vector was able to finish the match in good form thanks to Manuel Vusetic, adding the same 23 units after losing only one game in the last six.

Overall, Guadalajara had a total of five wins, eight draws and four defeats, so even a fight between the two teams is expected as both have a good result in the tournament.

Changes in the rematch rivalry between Sivas and Pachuka

பச்சுகா: Ustari (b), Alvarez, Cabral, Murillo, Fikiurova, Aguirre, Sosa, Chavez, Bardo, de la Rosa, Sanchez.

Sivas: Rodriguez (b), Sanchez, Ceppelveda, Olivas, Pons, Prisuela, Anglo, Antuna, Vega, Macau.

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