Papi does not want to say: “We have to wait for the official statements.”

Papi does not want to say: “We have to wait for the official statements.”

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Presidential candidate, Nasri Tito AsforaHe stressed Sunday evening that we must wait for the official results of the primary elections presented by the National Electoral Council.

“I’m calm, waiting for results, that CNE starts showing trendsWe have our own polls and surveys. You must be careful to digitize the sounds. We want to be calm and patient enough, “he told reporters of the first exit results that give him an advantage Mauricio Oliva.

“Nobody celebrates, here everyone’s respect, respect for great nationalism, very grateful to the whole structure, this great effort that has been made for a long time, great team work, we are proud to move forward and be able to work.”

the Actual Mayor of the capital of Honduras He said, “There is no celebration, we are all patriotic brothers and here there is nothing to celebrate. We won nothing, we have to act. Challenges on November 28th.”

As for Asfoura, “We have to continue our work, what we do every day.” I repeat that speaking or saying something is not right, we must wait for the official data.

Transparent elections?

“I went in at the national level to ask for permission to observe, the live broadcast from the polls in the counting of the votes, we can all feel satisfied with the effort that was made, the National Elections Council, the armed forces a great effort, all the movements and stressed that the political parties, so that Today is Election Day, we all did a great job. ”

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Movement leader The unity and hope of the National Party He tops the first opinion polls released on Sunday after the polls closed.

According to the national leaders, the National Party was the most voted party, and it has the largest organization in Honduras.

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