Paris Saint-Germain is still intractable in France

Paris Saint-Germain is still intractable in France

Paris Saint-Germain is still intractable in the French League, Although the team match continued to leave doubts and although the lack of a goal was still worrying. Today, the Parisian team achieved their eighth consecutive victory in the French Ligue 1 after beating Montpellier 2-0 thanks to a wonderful goal from Guy in the first half and Draxler’s goal in the end. The Ligue 1 captain could have finished the match with a much higher income than the score dictated, but allowing the local attackers to give life to Montpellier who, despite the competition, never gave the impression of a close relationship.

Pochettino, who was looking to get close to Tuchel’s 14 consecutive victories at the start of Ligue 1, an absolute record for Paris Saint-Germain, He hardly ran any laps despite the vast distance he has in relation to his main rivals at the top of the table. Without Messi, the coach joined Mbappe, Di Maria and Neymar in attack and in the midfield, where Verratti was still missing, Guy, Ander Herrera and Paredes were chosen today to lead the squad. in the target, Keylor Navas’ seventh start in nine games this season.

PSG used to open the box in the early stages of the game this season. If Achraf was against Metz in the 10th minute, it was Gay’s turn today, who, without ever being a top scorer during his career, He disguised himself as a striker with an unstoppable left-leg shot for Omlin. Those of Pochettino were an avalanche, as in Metz, during the first 20 minutes, but little by little the rhythm of the meeting was satisfying and Montpellier, through the always talented Teji Savanier, gathered many arrivals, Including a volley from the midfielder which was saved by Keylor Navas with some difficulty.

If PSG were an unsustainable team for Montpellier to begin with, the second leg of the first half again left us the same picture as in the last two games, with Parisian uniforms apply the brakes to spare no effort On the eve of the final match on Tuesday against City and with Montpellier who, despite trying to reach the opponent’s goal, did not want to continue the attack to make room for Mbappe and his companions. However, just before the break, Ander Herrera hit the crossbar with another great left-footed shot that is very similar to Jay’s shot.

In the second half, PSG decided, as if they had more control of the match, to give Montpellier the possession, which The tie was on Mavididi’s shoes, but the vigilant Keelor ​​avoided him. Dall’Oglio players once again revealed the difficulties their rivals are facing, especially in the defensive setbacks on the wing, where neither Neymar nor Di Maria helped their full backs, Achraf and Diallo today. However, the chances were still great for Paris Saint-Germain, who In Neymar and Mbappe’s shoes he missed two chances he could have been judged The game more than half an hour to go. Draxler, on the first ball he touched in the final stretch, put the finishing touch on and PSG slept more as Ligue 1 captain.


1-0, 13 minutes: Idrissa Joy, 2-0, 87 minutes: Draxler


Referee: Anthony Gautier
Arbitro VAR: Wilfred Bien
makawah (91′, yellow

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