Alto Valley is the first place in the country where basketball training returns

Alto Valley is the first place in the country where basketball training returns

The boys’ most anticipated day has finally arrived. After a year without an official competition, the basketball training classes are back in action today for the first date of the inaugural tournament.

The Alto Valley Basketball Association (ABAV), with the participation of three teams from Neuquen, will have the first jump of activity in the various areas of the region, as there will be an audience in the stands.

Work will begin at 10.30 hours, hosting meetings every two and a half hours. A reasonable time, governed by sanitary protocols, so that every local institution can disinfect both the playground and the stands where the parents of the children will be, with social distancing.

From ABAV, it has been reported that if any stadium reaches its maximum audience capacity per game, the parents of visiting players will be given priority.

In addition, there will be a representative of the federation in each stadium, who must verify that all protocols are fulfilled at every meeting.
As stipulated in the first days of February, there will be matches every two weeks.

The ABAV Apertura men’s tournament will feature six traditional clubs from the Alto Valley (Deportivo Rocca, Del Progreso, Ciboliti, Atlético Regina, Union alim Progresista y Cinco Saltos), Pacifico, Independiente de Neuquen and Club Plaute.

Previously to resume work, Black River He spoke with Gustavo Nicosia, the current coach of the Siboliti squads, about the importance of returning the competition to the youngest.

Albenegro coach confirmed: “It is important because many of them are full of technology and the fact that they are not playing leads them to spend more hours on the computer and cell phone. We know the importance of exercising so that they are not stable, and there are children who spent 6 or 7 months without doing anything, and their effect on them in terms of Physical.

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The coach, who has also passed through the area at Deportivo Roca, Atlético Regina, Union and Del Progreso, commented that other than anxiety and desire, the adjustment was not easy.

“Everything was so weird. In the early days we came back, where we only worked solo style, we were very careful but then time passed and the boys asked to actually play. Only in December we were able to play 3×3, which is the maximum allowed, and some could not Hold out for five minutes, ” Nicosia in detail.

In response to a question about what the resurgence of competition has in the environment, he did not hesitate: “It’s a lot of happiness, the tournament is good and now we are happy to add teams from Neuquen. I think if they were friendly, it would be good but the competition gives another flavor and adds to the boys.”

Regarding the competition format, the ten teams will be divided into two groups according to geographical proximity. The area that I will be is made up of: the tricolor, two Neuquen, the Sibulity Negro and Plautier. Meanwhile, Zone Two will feature Atlético Regina, the two teams from Rocca, Onion and Siboliti Blanco.

The regular phase of Apertura will have five dates, and each team will have a free day throughout the first phase, after which the playoffs will be played.

The first date, which will be held today, will see the following matches: Cinco Saltos will host the Cipolletti Negro, Plautier will do the same against Independiente, Del Progreso will be the home of Atletico Regina and Union de Allen will be measured at home with Cebu Blanco. Meanwhile, boys from Pacifico and Deportivo Roca will have to wait two weeks to enter the competition for the first time.

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Alto Valley is the first place in the state that men’s basketball training courses are once again competing.

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